Milwaukee Family Photographer :: The Wulf Family

THIS SHOOT! You guys. I’m dying. So Jennifer is one of my best friend’s sister. So we’ve known each other a while. And she’s had the idea for this shoot for a YEAR! She wanted to do family photos/Charlie is 1 photos at the local county fair! And I was SO GAME! How fun and special and unique! And talk about getting genuine smiles!! Okay, there’s really nothing I can say – you just have to see it!


Charlie’s never been on any kind of ride and his reaction was AMAZING. He was loving it


Marsh was SO excited about EVERYTHING!




Love these.


Baby’s first fair food!




When I make you sit under a crazy ride and it goes whizzing over your head unexpectedly!


and of course – cotton candy time!


this photo. hahaha do you see marshall nibbling on charlie’s toes!?


This was seriously SO fun you guys!! -Katie

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Milwaukee Kiddo Photographer :: Ella is 8!!

WHAAAAT even. How is this day here?!  But wait, lets back up.  If you’ve been around for a while you know that when I lived in Denver I nannied the entire 7 years for one family – starting when their baby girl, Ella, was 3 months old. And really it’s my messing-around-taking-photos-of-baby-Ella days that ultimately led me to this place I am today taking photos for a living!

And nowwww here we are today. July 17th. This baby girl is 8 WHOLE YEARS OLD. And she’s one of the best human beings I know. Not the best kids I know. The best humans. She’s sweet, and caring, and goofy, and optimistic, and adventurous, and fearless, and smart, and sassy, and the best little gal. Obviously I’m about as biased as a person can be without being her actual mother, but seriously she’s one of a kind and I’m lucky to know her and I can’t wait to watch her continue to grow and become whatever it is she decides to be and do whatever it is she wants to do in this life because she will CRUSH anything she sets her mind to!

As per tradition of Ella and Max birthday posts her are some memories of/my favorite things about her 7-year-old year of life.

  • This was the year I moved away from Denver. And while that is and was so sad and so hard, it’s been fun to see how she’s chosen to stay in touch and the things she wants to seek me out to tell me. Like now she learned she can use wi-fi to text me from the iPad at her house. It’s so cute. And even though it breaks my heart, she cries every time she leaves me or I leave her from a visit – which is as hear melting as it is heart breaking.
  • This is the first summer I’m not a part of her swim team, but I get videos from every meet and updates about her times and I’m so proud of how hard she’s working and how well she’s been doing. Because I remember 1 year old Ella who spent entire 30-minute swim lessons SCREAMING bloody murder if even one little chubby toe touched water.
  • This was the first year Ella could out ski me. Granted, thats not hard to do. I’m pretty terrible. But she’s always been cautious on a pair of skis so we always were take-our-time-and-go-slow together buddies on the mountain. This winter though, she was blowing by me and eventually started tackling blacks which I choose to leave to other, less terrified people than myself ;)
  • My girl still loves sushi and we still go on sushi dates any chance we can get.
  • She still loves me doing her hair more than any one else. haha
  • One of my favorite memories of the year was the gift I gave the Wagners the night before I left. I made a 2 HOUR video of all the pictures and videos I had acquired over 7 years of watching the kids and we all sat on the couch with popcorn and laughed sooo hard at all the baby photos and silly videos and max’s inability to speak coherent english for so long. And it was such a fun night to go out on. Even if Ella started sobbing as soon as the credits rolled.
  • She’s one of the most optimistic and up beat people I’ve ever met. She sees the glass half full nearly always. She can find the silver lining in most any bummer situation. It’s pretty awesome.
  • She has VERY distinct ideas about her clothing. I bought her a small collection of things as a birthday present and she either LOVED them or HATED them as she pulled each piece out of the bag haha.
  • This summer when she came for the Wagner’s annual 4th of July in Wisconsin trip she was FEARLESS. She tubed solo for the first time. She fell off while tubing for the first time and hopped right back on. She swam all day long even in the weeds. She put worms on her own shook and caught her own fish totally solo. She dressed up in her red white and blue best …. and then fell into the lake fully clothed and had to have a new festive outfit makeshift from bits of my own collection haha. She also showed up with the request that even though I’m not her nanny any more could I please still do 8 year old photos for her while she was here. Because it’s tradition. And obviously I would love nothing less. So here’s Miss 8 Year Old Ella!


Her idea: “Katie what if I pretend like I’m smelling these pretty flowers…”


See that half up top knot? Aka the only style I can do for my dirty hair now that I chopped it? Well Ella was obsessed as soon as she saw my hair that way and decided she would only have her hair in a half up bun the entire rest of the trip to WI.


outfit change + more flowers – Ella’s ideas.


Pink converse and a goofy girl who was about ready to be done taking pics and go swim instead!



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Milwaukee Family Photography :: Mason is 2!

Here’s the part where I should say “you might recognize Mason because he’s frequented this blog many times in his 2 years of life” … but he SOO big now that he looks like nearly a whole different kid! And he’s so chatty, it’s adorable. We had so much fun exploring this park and playing with all the fun props we had along for the shoot! Happy (almost) birthday Mase!


The cutest!




Handsome dude in a bow tie :)




And a popsicle for a special treat!


Thanks for being such a trooper and great subject Mr. Mason! -Katie

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Milwaukee Family Photographer :: The Miller Family

Are you ready for the cutest little twinies this side of the Mississippi?! These two (and their parents AND grandparents) made my job SO so easy the other day as we explored this adorable historical park. They were such hams and such good helpers – I had a blast capturing this family! So glad we made these photos happen, especially with their out of town grandparents along for extra special shots! Check out the Millers –


I meeeeeean! (insert heart eyes emoji here)


Handsome Mason


Cutie Adelyn!


I don’t know who’s luckier – these kiddos or these grandparents!


Perfect little family shot spot!


Sweet Mason kept bringing his sister dandelions and she looooved it!


The cutest.


Love this!


Childhood. What a blast.


I loved getting to capture your family, Millers! -Katie

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Milwaukee Maternity Photographer :: Neal and Laura

I’m one of those people that, when I find a good friend, I will keep that friend for life. Through life changes and big moves and living in separate states, Neal and I have been friends since high school and it was such a pleasure to be able to spend some quick time with him and his wife, Laura, this past weekend when they were back in Milwaukee. They’re expecting their first baby in a few short months and I LOVE all these sweet, perfect images we captured of this exciting time in their lives! And I can’t wait to meet Packer fandom’s newest member!  Check out these two (2.5 ;)) –


We started at a Lake Michigan beach and I looooove these! Plus, it works because these two live in San Diego now, so, while Milwaukee is decidedly NOT California haha, we do have some great lake beaches!


Laura you are going to make a wonderful Momma!


These two specifically requested GREENERY in their photos because San Diego cannot compare to Wisconsin in green!


Love these!


So excited for you both! So glad we got to do these photos and hang out a little bit! -Katie

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