Milwaukee Wedding Photographer :: Matt and Tracy

When you plan a wedding for the end of September in Wisconsin you definitely think of what you’ll do if it rains or if it’s pretty chilly… you do NOT plan for what you’ll do if it’s 95 degrees and 87% humidity. Luckily for Tracy and Matt, their people are amazing and everyone rolled with it and enjoyed the day and we all sweat it out together and it was absolutely stunnnnning and so fun! Check out this amazing wedding day at The Legend at Merrill Hills – these two were SO excited to be marrrrried!


Tracy and Matt took some time to exchange letters and say hi before they got married!


Then it was time to get marrrrried!




hahaha Tracy you’re the best!


These two clean up pretty darn nice!


In case you’re wondering, yes, yes I WAS dying over this insanely gorgeous light


That time I caught two newlyweds enjoying a moment at sunset (insert heart eye emoji)


Tracy and Matt had SUCH good toasts given in their honor – there were laughs and tears and cheers and so much love!



Matt and Tracy – thank you so much for trusting me with your big day, I had the best time! Congrats!

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Milwaukee Family Photographer :: The WHOLE Parfitt Family

So you might remember my friend, Bailee, and her husband and baby from the time we did maternity and newborn photos last year.  Well, this Fall the Parfitt family decided to do the WHOLE gang and I was SO excited!! I’ve known all these people for a long time now and it was so great to see them and spend the morning with them and capture these photos!  Meet the Parfitts –


What a group of grand kids!


Love this one!




Mackenzie’s family! Little Silas and Evie are SO SWEET!


Teeghan’s family!  These boys – Oh lord they’re SO cute and funny!


And my Bai and her family –


You wouldn’t know it, but Vera was a total stinker during this shoot and was NOT interested in being the baby model she was born to be! Still got some real cute ones, but she made us work for it!


The girl cousins and the boy cousins!


Love you Parfitts! -Katie

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Milwaukee Family Photographer :: The Saffert Family

This family. Oh my gosh. I’ve known them for years back when Jamie was just one of my best friend’s big brother who would come visit or watch us play rugby.  Now he’s married to the wonderful Michelle and they have two amazing and ADORABLE kiddos and they drove no short distance just to get some family photos and I hope I did that drive justice!  But seriously these guys made my job a total breeze and I loved getting to see them and do these!


Handsome Scott! And Cutie Leah!


Oh my word I love that one of Scott and Jamie. What a father/son bond!


Thanks for adventuring with me you guys!! See you in a month!! -Katie

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Milwaukee Family Photographer :: The Barney Family

This past weekend I took a drive up to Minnesota originally to do extended family photos for one of my best friends. But then I decided to open up some slots in case any other people I know in the area wanted photos… and I ended up adding two great families to my weekend!  The first family was my college friend, Chelsey, her husband, John, and their new baby girl, Nora.  Chelsey was one of the few other photojournalism majors at school with me so we had nearly every class together for a few years and I would NOT have survived without her.  Now we’ve both moved on to have our own photography businesses and it was SO great to see her and meet her baby girl and just have fun together like old times. Plus – these photos are TO DIE FOR. I am obsessed.


Such a happy baby!


Love this!


Easiest subject ever? quite possible.


Love this one of Nora giving her mom a kiss! haha!


Chels it was so great to see you – your little family is perfection! -Katie

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Milwaukee Family Photographer :: The Stoler Family!

This session! It was a long time in the making … both because these guys have basically never had professional family photos taken, AND because Adia has been friends with Ella (who I nannied for in Denver) since Kindergarten. So it feels like I’ve known the Stolers forever and they’re one of my favorite families and I am SO excited to share these photos – especially since I love how they turned out!



Love this!


These girls – So goofy and fun!




Goofy miss Adia and Marley – you two girls are some of the most intelligent and talented kids I’ve ever met!  I can’t wait until one of you is president and or a world famous Oscar-winning actor and I can show everyone these photos form when I knew you before all that fame!



And our last shot? Had to be Hamilton! These girls love it as much – probably more than! – I do!


Thanks for doing this with me Stoler family!!! -Katie

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