Frequently Asked Questions

What should we wear for out shoot?

My best advice to give you is to wear what you love and feel comfortable in. There is no rule that says everyone needs to wear jeans and a white shirt, unless that’s what you love to wear!  I did a very detailed post about what to wear to your shoot and you can check it out here:

Where should we do our shoot?

I will shoot just about anywhere and make it work the best we can.  So if you have a place you love, a park your kids love, a random spot you drove past and think looks cool or even if it’s just your back yard, I would love to hear about it and we can always come up with a different idea if we need to!

Do we get all the pictures you take during a session or wedding?

Nope, and trust me – you don’t want them all!  I am what some people might call and over-shooter, so if you got all of the images I took during a session you would be overwhelmed. It’s my job to take out the bad ones (you know, the one where you’re blinking, or your child is covering their face with their hands, or Uncle Larry forgot to put down his beer and take off his sunglasses for the first few shots during your wedding family photos…) and give you guys the best images from the session.  That said, I always try to give a few options of each similar photo because I know the image I might think is the best one, isn’t what you would choose of yourself.  This way you get a few options to choose from, without feeling like there are so many you can never decide.

How long does it take to get our images after a session or wedding?

The week after a regular session or a wedding, you will have a handful of your images up on my blog and the link sent to you.  This is just a fun little preview, you will get many more on your disc!  The disc of images for a regular session is in the mail 2-3 weeks after a shoot, and the disc of images for a wedding is in the mail 3-4 weeks after the wedding.

How many images do we get on a wedding day?

This entirely depends on a lot of factors including: how long you have me there, how many family members you include in family photos, how much time you allow for bride and groom photos, etc.  I would say that on average you will get about 60-70 an hour.

Should we do an engagement session?

This is totally up to you, but I will say that I highly recommend them! I have two big reasons for a couple to do an engagement shoot. 1) I think they are a great way for a couple to get comfortable being in front of my camera since it will be how they spend a large portion of their wedding day.  2) In the grand scheme of your life you are engaged for a very small time. I think it’s a really special time where you’ve decided to spend your lives together and there’s always something a little different about a couple during an engagement shoot.  They are different from the fancy wedding photos you will have and the future family photos you will have, when it’s no longer just the two of you.  It’s a great way to have some really nice photos of the two of you together at the very start of your lives joining, but where you are still wearing a pair of jeans and not a big wedding dress. :)

What kind of equipment do you use?

I shoot Canon. I have a Canon 5D Mark II and a regular 5D as a backup camera. I shoot primarily with my 35 mm 1.4, my 50mm 1.2, and my 85 1.2 lenses.  I also have a 24-70mm 2.8 lens and a 70-200mm 2.8 lens that I will use from time to time at a wedding when I need a zoom lens option.  Really that’s probably a bunch of mumbo-jumbo to you, unless you love the technicalities of cameras.

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