Milwaukee Family Photographer :: The Kohals!

I hope you’re ready for puppy overload and a dash of Christmas spirit because Dana and Nick brought both to this adorable shoot!  I’ve been lucky enough to shoot both Dana’s borther’s and sister’s weddings, but sadly (for me!) these two were already married before I was on the radar for them. But! They have these cutie little pupper-kids and they wanted a fun holiday shoot this season, so I was happy to finally get to focus on them!  And OH MY WORD are their little doggos SO CUTE!


Governor and Kole!


I meeeean what!? They’re so cute!


Also. After an indoor bit, we jumped outside for some too and it was CHILLLLY. But they rocked it!  And it was worth it!


Some favs!


Loved this session! Hope you two have warmed up finally! ;) -Katie

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