Friday’s in Nannyland – Holiday Chaos!

This is going to be pretty much a quick post since life is crazy these days (as it is for lots of people during the holidays) and this week has been fun but crazy because Ella and Max’s mom took off Monday and today to hang out and we’ve just been having fun!!

Speaking of the Holidays though, Ella and Max are so funny about it.  Ella especially is SO aware of the decorations and lights and celebrations and everything and she’s also trying to figure out the difference between Christmas and Hanukkah. And why she’s Jewish, but I’m Catholic. And why I get a Christmas tree and she gets a menorah and candles. But she’s mostly just open to the fun of it all no matter the religion and we have been enjoying our holiday season!

Hilariously, her cousins, who is also 3, and also Jewish, is pretty serious about being a good little Jewish girl so when I asked her if she could hear the Christmas music she replied “Katie, I’m Jewish, I can’t hear Christmas music.”

Also so fun in our life right now?!  Baby Molly! (You can see her newborn photos here.) She’s the newest addition to some family friends of Ella and Max and I am good friends with their nanny so we visited yesterday and we are all in love with the sweet little peanut!

Ella couldn’t get over Molly’s tiny fingers!

Just the cutest.

Sweet little buddy eating “my tan-na-nope” (his cantelope)

Goofy time after a bath!

sad face and angry face!

Getting my nails done by Ella :)

I loved this new outfit of Ella’s and she loves to model for me :)

Oh by the way, if you’re wounding how Disney Princesses on Ice was last Friday… IT WAS AMAZING! Here’s our “office party” picture from dinner:

The finale of the show with all the princesses!

Cinderella and Prince Charming dancing!

Hey look!  It’s not Ella or Max! It’s their Mom and nanny! :)

Happy Friday!!! ::KD::

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