Cake Ball Pops!

I feel like I have to have done a post about how to make cake ball pops at some point over the last two years that I have known how to make them, but I guess not!  And recently several people have asked how I made the ones for Max’s birthday so I thought I would do a post on them!!

It’s actually really easy to do, but time consuming and a bit tedious so it definitely reacquires some planning and effort, but literally ANYONE can make them so even if you feel like you are a creative-dunce or a baking-dunce this is pretty dunce-proof!  All you need is patience and cake!

Here’s what you need:

– a box of cake mix (one box makes about 40 cake balls so I use 2 boxes for bigger parties). I love Pillsbury’s funfetti cake! But you can do ANYTHING

– wilton candy melts – or any hard candy coating. I get mine at Michael’s and they are like a dollar or something. They come in pretty much every color too!

– A can/tub (seriously what are those things called) of vanilla frosting. Or any frosting of your choice, although I’m not sure how chocolate frosting with vanilla cake would work or vice versa. But since they are both delicious things individually they are probably great anyway!

– A pack of lollipop sticks (also super cheap at Michaels). These are option but I find they make the coating process was easier and eating a bit less messy!

– You also need all of the obvious baking things like bowls and spoons and cake pans etc.

1. So first you need to simply bake the cakes as the box instructs. Super easy. And I always make them a day or two in advance of when I will be coating/decorating them, which I usually do a day in advance of the actual party. The reason for that is the cake needs to COMPLETELY cool before you can make the balls and then the balls need to be refrigerated for a while before you can candy coat them and the whole process takes a while so you would need a lot of hours in one day to do all of those things. It’s much easier to worry about making a cake one day, coating and decorating the next day, and then celebrating whatever the cake balls are for the next day. Way less stress!

2. After the cake(s) are baked and cooled (a few hours later or the next day) you make a few cross crossing cuts and dump the whole thing into a big mixing bowl.

3. Add a few heaping scoops of frosting (I use a fair amount… close to a whole can) and squish/mix it all together with your hands until it’s almost kind of cookie dough ish and then you can easily form it into balls!

4: Take smallish scoops full and roll them into balls and place them on a cookie sheet or in a big tupperware. The tupperwear is probably better if you leave them overnight since you can put a lid on them and keep them moist and fresh.

5: At this point the cake balls need to be refrigerated for at least a few hours, so again I usually leave them over night so they are nice and cold and solid.

6: Now you can start dipping them in the coating. I try to do about 10-15 at a time and leave the rest in the fridge so I am always dipping them when they are cold.  You just microwave the candy coating in the color you need in a small/medium bowl until it’s nice an melted and liquid-y (super scientific terms here people.)

7. Then you dip the end of a lollipop stick in the melted coating before sticking it into the cake ball so it sticks and stays and then you dip and roll the cake ball pop (it’s now a cake ball pop because it’s on the stick.) in the coating until its completely covered. The KEY to a nice smooth candy coating is to then hold the cake ball pop by the stick over the bowl and use your other hand to tap on your wrist holding the stick while the excess coating drops off.  At this point you have two options: 1) you can stick the pops into a styrofoam form like Max’s little cake arrangement was. this allows the balls to be completely smooth for decorating, but you will need a REALLY big styrofoam for 40 or 80 or however many pops you have. or 2) you can put them on a tinfoil or wax paper lined cookie sheet to dry. this will give them a little flat part at the bottom but then they stand up all on their own and you can put them out on trays and stuff!  We did both for Max’s party. He had his little individual styrofoam cake pop thing and then we put out all the rest of the pops on trays for everyone to grab!

At this point you repeat steps 6 (if you want to change colors) and 7 until you have all the pops coated and cooled and dried! Then you can either leave them as is, just simple and yummy! or you can decorate them!

Max’s cake ball pops were decorated like actual sports balls and I just used little plastic bottles (kind of like old school ketchup bottles you know with the pointy tops?) to decorate them. I just eyeballed it from a few pictures I had of each kind of ball. I’ve also just used plastic baggies with the little tip cut off to drizzle random patterns all over the cake balls. You can seriously do WHATEVER you want at that point!

There are also tons of blogs and websites and even books you can read for pretty much any and all kinds of cake ball pops you could want to make!  I love this one for ideas and how-tos!  Pinterest also probably has a ton of stuff on how to do them!  And just incase you forgot what Max’s looked like here they are:

And for a point of reference: here are some of the ones I left on the cookie sheet

Hope that helps everyone who wants to make cake balls!! They are SO yummy and fun! and REALLY great for parties because they are way less messy and difficult to clean up than actual cake :)

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