Friday’s in Nannyland – It’s Been A While …

First of all I should probably say I am a super sorry for not posting any nannylands the last few weeks. I really am! It’s just that life has been CRAZINESS in both nannyland and in my life in general so somehow I would find myself going to bed on Friday nights and realizing I never got a moment to write up a nannyland post!  I’m mostly sorry though that those are a few weeks without random little memories recorded because these posts have kind of turned into a little weekly diary of life not only for me to look back on my time nannying for Ella and Max, but also for Ella and Max’s parents to remember how they were during this time in their life and for each of them themselves to look back on someday and learn about what they used to be like. (Yikes that was a long sentence!)

And when I say that life has been crazy… I am not kidding or exaggerating! It has been a tornado of chaos and activity and sickness the last couple weeks. Let me just list for you what we have been dealing with:

First, the descison was made to paint the kids rooms and their bathroom.  We were all super excited about this because previously their rooms were just a generic tan color and it was like they were renting rooms instead of having their own room.  However, I wish painting was something you just decided to have done and BOOM it was done because having the painter come by every day for almost a whole week was A LOT of extra stress to deal with. Especially because he was directly involved with my job since he was painting the kids’ rooms.  But now that it’s done its GREAT! And they have such fun, way more kid-like rooms! Ella’s is green and Max’s is blue:

Once the paint was done it was time to hang the fun draped for the kids’ rooms and hang two HUGE new mirrors in the upstairs bathrooms. So a whole morning had to be spent with lots of workers coming and going to hang them all up. Which would have been chaos enough, but it also happened that one of Carin’s coworkers had a childcare crisis and so his sweet little one, Alyssa was dropped of for the morning to hang out with us. She is the sweetest little girl so it was not an issue in-and-of itself to watch her (plus, her and Ella and bffs now so they just entertained each other) but it was an added kid running around the house amongst the chaos of workers coming and going with giant mirrors and curtain rods and drapes and tools!  Three kid chaos:

Then it was time to start preparing for Max’s birthday party, which was last weekend. It was a sports/ball theme (kid’s obsessed) and since it has become a bit of a tradition for me to make cake balls for the kids’ birthday parties and cake balls already are the perfect shape to be decorated as ACTUAL balls I knew I wanted to make some for his party!  The thing is that making the cake balls themselves is not hard, but decorating them like baseballs, basketballs, and footballs is a bit (A LOT) time consuming. So last Thursday (also the day of the the mirror and drape hanging and Alyssa watching) I had to bake the two cakes because they need enough time to cool before being cake balled.  Are you seeing why my life was madness?!

On Fridays the kids go to “school” in the mornings and I have a few hours off. It was perfect time for me to get a jump start on the cake balls without the kids running around and I knew I wouldn’t have enough time during just one nap time to finish them.  So I spent all morning making them while the kids played at school. Or so I thought. When I went to pick them up, Ella was asleep on the floor of her classroom while 13 other 3 year olds ran around in various states of post-lunch energy and chaos. I instantly knew she must be VERY sick because she NEVER sleeps anywhere but her bed. She never has. She’s never been a sleep-at-the-dinner-table or a sleep-in-the-car kind of kid. Sure enough she was miserably, horribly sick. We get home, take her temp (102), give her medicine and straight to bed she goes. So the kids go to bed and I finish the cake balls.  When the poor girl wakes up she has a 104 fever and is a miserable little pile of sick baby. I plop her on the couch with a movie and some water where she occasionally moans in despair and several times says, “Katie you need to take me to a special doctor to make me feel better. I’m sooooo sick”

The worst part about her being sick is that Max’s birthday party is the NEXT DAY. We were all really worries about what state of health each kid would be in by party time the next night.  Luckily it was a quick 24 hour thing so she was much better by party time and Max hadn’t gotten it yet. So the party was great and so fun and my cake balls were AWESOME!

But don’t worry, Max did get sick. This week. Just in time for him to NOT go to “school” on tuesday morning (the other day of the week they go) so of course they didn’t go and I lost the morning free time I was going to use to pack for my trip home and write this very nannyland post, which I intended to post earlier this week because of the holiday. And all the while all of this was happening I was hitting the home stretch of BY FAR the busiest time of year for me as a photographer so I was up late every night trying to finished editing photos and getting those sent off to people for their Christmas cards!

So. Please forgive me for neglecting to post nanny lands recently!  It truly has been a crazy few weeks!  Here are a few photos to get you caught up on cuteness:

And I hope you all had a wonderful, delicious, family and friends filled Thanksgiving! ::KD::

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