Friday’s in Nannyland – What I’ve Learned This Week!

Can I just say that yesterday I realized something that made me pretty happy.  I had to stay last night and babysit Ella and Max until they went to sleep so it was a LONG day. But before I knew it, it was bed time and the day had been pretty easy and fun.  I had a great, easy, fun day and I hardly noticed the extra 3 hours I had to take care of them. There have been times in their little lives that have been SO hard. Days where I was ready to leave a half hour after I got there and not only never come back, but never have my own kids so I never had to deal with days like those again.  Kids can be HARD to deal with and be around when they are sick or crabby or won’t sleep or won’t eat etc.  On those kinds of days I would have dreaded staying late.

Luckily, the last few months have been great for us.  Max isn’t quite 2 yet so any potential terrible-two’s-ness hasn’t hit yet, but he’s still big enough that he really understands us and can communicate with us which has really helped with his frustration level when he wants or needs something and he used to not be able to make us understand.  He’s been so stinking adorable and funny lately and he’s learning new words every day and I just love him.

Ella seems to be mostly out of any terrible-two/terrible-three phase (though she has a temper and turns into a little fire-breathing angry dragon if you piss her off, so watch out.) and she just has SO much on her mind and is learning SO much about the world and has pretty much a full vocabulary to discuss all of these things so she’s been hilarious.

Here are a few of the funny/cute things I’ve learned about and from them this week:

  • They are both really really good listeners and rule followers 90% of the time. That is until I am telling someone how good of listeners/rule followers they are and then they do the exact opposite of what I say. Yesterday we went to the park with my friend Jacqueline who just moved to Denver and nannies for a little guy so we have lots of play dates. Well while we were at the park we saw several kids be told it was time to leave and they proceeded to throw huge tantrums. So when I said it was time to leave and Ella and Max calmly and sweetly started to walk away with me I was all “hey look at how well behaved they are! I’m such a good nanny! I win I win!”  and I was say all of that when I turn around to make sure the kids were still close by on the walk back to the car and I see them sprinting full-speed in the opposite direction of me and back to the playground. Awesome guys, thanks.
  • Ella taught me this week that birds who use bird baths need bird towels.  I explained to her what a bird bath was and she looked straight at me and said, “but where they bird towels? how do they be dry after?”
  • Max loves to do “spider” on the swing. You know when you sit on a swing and then someone sits on your lap facing you and sticks their legs out the other way. He laughs SO hard when I do this with him. He just loses it and laughs and laughs and it’s the best ever.
  • Yesterday, while I was babysitting late, Ella came down from her bed and told me she really missed Mommy and she loved Mommy so so much and she loved Daddy too and she just missed them so much. I asked her what about me?  She paused…. and said, “I like you Katie. But I LOVE Mommy, she’s my favorite.”  Which is understandable completely and then she goes “And Meah is my favorite cousin. Except when she doesn’t share the bike.”  Hahah. Also understandable.
  • At the park this week there was a little kid basketball hoop set up with some little basketballs. So of course that’s what Max spent the entire time doing.  And then this other kid’s Dad told me that Max had great form and natural talent and would definitely be a basketball player. Good to know.
  • I asked Ella what her favorite animal was. She said bats. Apparently she LOVES them. I asked why and she said “they are so cute and they hang upside down!”  50% of that statement is true.
  • Ella told me that girls are princesses for halloween and boys are cowboys. That’s it. All girls are to be princesses and all boys are to be cowboys.  Except she told me that Max should be a noodle. Don’t know why she decided that. But she’s totally obsessed with genders and gender roles and everything.  She made the girls sit together and the boys sit together at dinner when Chris and his sister, Tamara, came over.
  • I got Max some Elmo and some Cookie Monster PJ’s and he is totally freaking obsessed!  He can’t even stand it when he wears them. And then when he sees himself in the mirror. It’s so freaking cute.

Speaking of cute:

I also learned that tree cutters are infinitely entertaining to two preschoolers.

Cutie on the swings!

Clearly Max’s “natural basketball skills” didn’t stop him from nailing himself in the head MULTIPLE times with the ball.

Ella and Chris walking to the park. In matching stripes. I mean.

Playing the chase-chris game. Aka the ella-and-max-will-take-an-awesome-nap game!

 Happy Friday!!! ::KD::

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