A Wedding Blast From the Past :: Melissa and Tom!

Hopefully this is a fun little treat for you guys!  It’s a blog post of the second wedding I ever shot! The first one I really had not one single clue what I was doing and was more than a whole year before this one so that one was even more iffy than this one. Four years ago today my then-boss, Melissa, married her man, Tom, at a beautiful mansion on the shores of Lake Superior and they became a sweet little family of 5 (with Tom’s three daughters whom I refer to as my adoptive sisters because I adore them!) and it was truly the little spark in me to want to possibly make wedding photography my career!

At the time Melissa was the photo editor at the Winona Daily News, where I was a part-time (which somehow often ended up being full-time. ohh journalism.) photographer.  She basically demanded and forced (in the nicest way possible because she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body) to be her wedding photographer because she was confident I could do it. And because she had previously been a wedding photographer so if all else failed she would just set everything up and let me press the button. :)

So enjoy this trip down memory lane. It should be noted that I am actually pretty impressed with myself on this. I definitely missed a lot of things that I would know to shoot now, but considering this was SO NOT MY THING back then, I kind of like what I got. And I definitely see the photojournalist I was in all of these.  Part of me wants to work to get that back because I saw this wedding in SUCH a different way than I do now and I caught moments I don’t think I would see now.  Fascinating yes?  I know, I know.

Okay so how AMAZING was this place?

And the fall colors were fantastic!

Pretty dress!!!

And fun shoes and rungs and flowers!

Getting ready!

Seeing each other for the first time! Pretty sure you two did a first look before it was cool!

My most favorite adoptive family!

To this day, this is one of my favorite wedding images ever.

Fall decorations!

how amazing is this wedding spot!

Here comes the bride!

And these two COULD NOT WAIT to get married!

Love this.


Love this of them leaving their ceremony!

and everyone watching!

A favorite!

gorgeous shores of Lake Superior


Um, yes.

and then everyone had a fantastic dinner and danced the night away!!

Melissa and Tom you guys will always have such a special place in my heart and my photography career. ::KD::

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