It Must Be Love :: Stitch Fix Round 3!

It’s Stitch Fix time again!!  This is my third shipment of fun and I would say overall it was my least successful. You can see round 1 here and round 2 here and if any of these three posts seems like it was lots of fun (IT WAS!) you can go sing up for your own stitch fix here, and if you do, then I get credit towards my next purchase from them which is awesome because then you get to see more posts from me about this!  Or maybe you don’t want to see more of me. Which I wouldn’t blame you for. :)

So, as I mentioned, this was my least successful fix.  Each time I’ve done this I’ve only ended up keeping 1 item and this time I kept just one item, but this time I liked the overall box the least.  There was really only 1 thing in this box that I liked, the rest were actually kind of comical on me. So enjoy THAT.

Here was my first peek inside the box and my first thoughts were “LOOKS LIKE FALL!” because I saw sweaters!

These were the first two outfits I tried.  First impressions were that I would like the one on the left and hate the one on the right…

So here’s the first sweater on me… and jokes on me because eww. I like the idea of the purple pop of color on the shoulders, but that was where my “likes” ended.  I especially disliked the “mullet” cut on this. I really don’t like that look on dresses and on a sweater is just weird to me.  (if you like it, more power to ya, you can sign up and request mullet cut clothes left and right!)  Side note, love my boots here. Love fall because I love boots!

And here’s the outfit from the right above.  It took me a solid 5 minutes to figure out how to actually get it on correctly because it’s sort of poncho-esque and I was doing it super wrong at first, but once I got it on I actually kind of loved it. It’s SO different that what I would normally pick ever for myself. I would never ever grab it off a shelf at a store (which is why I LOVE stitch fix because it forces you a little bit outside your comfort zone and sometimes you surprise yourself with what you love!) but I liked that it was a sweater, but it could be worn when it was still warmer out so it’s a versatile little piece. So this is the one I kept!

These next two outfits I am only showing you because I feel like maybe you all need a mid-week laugh. They were awful. I knew from the pictures I wouldn’t like them (and I was not pleasantly surprised by them sadly).  Get ready.

Yeah, bad news. The colors aren’t bad, but the cut is not my favorite and it didn’t come with a belt but definitely needed it.  It was too short for me for the style of dress it was.  And it was a weird silky flowy dress which is not my thing.

And this? I just don’t even know. And I hate turtle necks. So just no. But my boots are cute yes???  This also did not come with a belt and TOTALLY needs one.

This was my jewelry piece.  I liked it at first, but liked it less on me. And I had a really hard time finding something to wear it with, so it was a no.  It’s actually just really hard for me to spend more than $10 on jewelry since I currently get all my stuff from Forever 21 or Target.

So there you go. And if anyone signs up and gets a stitch fix let me know how it goes!!! Maybe I’ll even do a blog post about you! ::KD::

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Elise - I’m signing up for stitch fix because you and Margaret look like you have so much fun! Do a post on ME LOLZ!

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