Friday’s in Nannyland – That Moment When…

Being around Ella and Max as often as I am has led me to think about them, and our days, in a series of moments.  There are funny moments, adorable moments, frustrating moments, sad moments, scary moments, ridiculous moments, hard moments, quiet moments (rare as they are), and so on. I start to relay our days to their parents in different moments that stick out.  Here are some of our moment this week.

That moment when … I realized Max was about to fall backwards off the couch and inevitably slam his head on the coffee table. There was nothing I could do to stop it, all I could do was pick him up and stop the crying and get him a boo-boo bunny for his bumped head.  This was followed by the moment when … I explained to him for the thousandth time that couches are for SITTING not STANDING on and he needs to be more careful about what he’s doing because he is going to fall and bump his head.

That moment when … Ella takes the knowledge she has on a subject and comes to a conclusion that is hilariously off-point, but logical based on what she knows.  Like when she told me this week that her ears were too little for a pair of sunglasses and so Tooth Fairy would simply bing her some new, bigger ears and then she could wear the sun glasses. Because, you see, Ella knows that she has little (baby) teeth that will eventually fall out when she’s a lithe bigger. She knows that Tooth Fairy is involved in this process somehow and that after the little teeth fall out and the Tooth Fairy comes, she gets big teeth. So logically the Tooth Fairy is simply someone who takes your little body parts and brings you bigger ones when you need them.  Hilarious and oddly logical.

That moment when … I wanted to bang my head on the wall and quit and run away all the same time because both kids had decided that they were going to be as annoying as possible, listen as little as possible, and fight with each other as much as possible all on the same day.  It’s like they had some kind of secret plan to see if they could actually make me spontaneously combust from sheer frustration and exhaustion.

That moment when … It’s all okay and forgiven when Max gives one of his amazing hugs/cuddles/nuzzles and blows a big raspberry on my shoulder and laughs his little butt off about it.  I mean who can even stay mad at that!  A hug alone would cure anyone’s anger, but the cuddle/nuzzle into your neck is so sweet and then he goes for a laugh with some fart humor and tops it off by laughing at his own joke essentially and he becomes an undeniable force of happiness.

And finally there is that moment when… they make me good luck cards for my half marathon tomorrow and run up to give them to me all excited about what they made.

For some reason I only have pictures of Max this week… so here’s his cute face!

Playing with our new best friend Liam! :)

Painting a vase that he and Ella gave their Mom for her birthday!

Okay it’s kind of hard to tell what’s happening here, but Max loves hot dogs, but he eats them usually just cut up and without the bun.  This time he decided, AFTER I cut the whole hot dog up, that he was going to put the pieced back in to the bun and eat them that way. So funny and strange.

Happy Friday!!! ::KD::

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