It Must Be Love :: Stitch Fix Round 2!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about, and introduced a lot of you to, a little thing called stitch fix. I loved my first experience with the company, and last week I got my second shipment!  I was so sooo excited to open it and see what I got and I was not disappointed!  If you think you might love doing something like this (I have already heard from a few friends who have gotten their first shipments recently and LOVED it) then just pop right over here and sign up!  If you sign up and say that I (Katie Derus from KD Photography) referred you, then I get credit towards my next fix.  Which, I would of course love because it really helps me be able to keep the things I love from my fixes and not spend a ton of money. So the more credit I have the more of these I can post for you, and I know you all love to see whole posts with pictures of me! :)

Here was my first glimpse into my 2nd fix…

I decided to start out by trying the two black items in my box… a black dress and a black blazer…

The dress was a pleasant surprise. That seems to happen a lot with this process. Sometimes the things I think I’ll hate, I like and things I think I’ll love, I don’t.  It makes me want to rethink the things I pass up in the store that I think I’ll hate. :)  So I sort of fell in love with this (and may have worn it around my house for a while just because) and I kept it!!

The blazer… I actually LOVED it and this outfit, but I literally would never wear it because this isn’t exactly the average nanny outfit and I spend 50% of my time in comfy/athletic type of outfits, and the other in dresses. I strongly dislike pants. So as much as I think I look quite spiffy, I didn’t keep it. :(

This was the jewelry piece they sent me. I loved it when I first saw it, but then I noticed it was navy blue, not black, and I ended up not keeping it because again, I would never wear it. Sad. It was so pretty.  Side note: I think my curly hair looks real nice in that right picture, so I like it haha. And if you’re wondering if I curled my hair for the purpose of these photos the answer is yes. But only because I hadn’t washed my hair in a while and somehow it looks less dirty if it’s curly, not straight. And my dirty pony tail was just unfortunate. Now you know my secrets :)

These were my two colorful pieces! I was so excited about both of them because they seemed fun and different and interesting. The one on the left had a 60’s vibe, and the one on the right was silk and whimsical.  And I loved that both had the option to be worn as just dresses, or with leggings (I love me some leggings. like I said, I hate pants, so if it’s too cold for just a dress, leggings are a great option!)

This was the teal 60’s dress. I’m only posting this for the sake of proving my point that the things I think I’ll love end up being horribly awful. So I apologize to your eyes and brain for having to see this.  Obviously I didn’t keep it.

This one was on the fence for me. I liked the color and the fun pattern (it was bows) and I even liked the collar more than I thought I would. The waist had a weird tie part that I was “ehhh” about.  I though it was fairly flattering, but in the end I didn’t keep it because the top was a little bit too big and baggy.

So in the end, I just kept the black dress and I couldn’t be happier because I LOVE IT!  ::KD::

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Carin - So, I LOVE the black dress!

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