Friday’s in Nannyland – Quick funnies.

I am currently in Wisconsin (happy place!!) and I haven’t been back as much as I wanted to this summer so I am going to soak it all in and enjoy it and thus, this nannyland post is just a quickie.

This was an email I sent to Ella and Max’s Mom yesterday:

oh my gosh I had to just go get my computer so I could email you about this because it’s just seriously so funny and I didn’t want to forget any of the other funny things from today.

just now, we were playing the basement, and Ella got her folding chair out and put it in the middle of room, and max and I were playing with the tool bench and then he saw her so he got his chair and put it right next to her and climbed in. then she laid her head back and pretended to sleep and then he stared at her for a second and then he did it too! oh my gosh it was adorable!
also. today ella pooped. and max was watching. and she goes “Max watching me. He likes poop because it’s kind of like balls. Poopy balls.”  I laughed SO hard for several minutes.
also also I was telling her that I was going to wisconsin and she goes:
Ella: “you gunna go see your friends?”
Me: “yup”
Ella: “you not like me anymore to be your friend?”
Me: “of course I still like you! I have lots of friends that I like”
Ella: “oh, but you don’t like Max so you want to leave.”
And she replied:
While I like all three stories…the poopy balls is the best!!!!!!!  She totally knows him! 
And it’s SO true. That kid’s #1 thing in life is balls. tennis balls. soccer balls. plastic balls. pool balls. polka dots that look like balls (seriously). and he is borderline obsessive about it. the other day at lunch we ate right near a pool table, which he knows has balls, and he spent the entire 15 minutes waiting for a food repeating “bah! bah! dat bah! bah!” with increasing urgency until finally his food arrived and then he was happily distracted by french fries and fajita chicken. :)
Oh also. I just remember this. Ella informed me the other day that after she turns 10 she will be a boy. So if you were wondering how that worked, now you know. age 10 = ella becomes a boy. She’s also convinced that as she gets older, everyone else (adults) gets smaller. “Katie when I get bigger, you will be really small.”
In other random hilarious baby things… This was Max’s brilliant idea to put his cheese on top of his matchbox car and send it off for a ride. Not so brilliant when he realized he couldn’t get it back…
This was our lunch when he just wanted to play some pool. I don’t know why he looks crabs. he wasn’t!
Yesterday was cold enough in the morning to wear light jackets outside and this was the best picture I could get of them together… They look so cute anyway!
ICE CREAM! He loves these cones! He also loves this monkey shirt. He points to it about every 10 minutes and says “ahh ahh!” like a monkey noise.
Monday was a bit yucky here in Denver, so we made a fort!!  It was awesome, but the kids didn’t quite get the idea of playing IN the fort or hiding IN the fort… they mostly ran around and quickly crawled through it out to the other side over and over again.
Happy Friday! ::KD::
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