Denver Family Photographer :: Charlotte is 1!

Before I get to these crazy adorable photos, let me just tell you the crazy story of how I met this family.  It was in a Nordstrom Rack parking lot. And I was a little bit creepy. But you see, they were bringing their then-a-few-week-old baby girl to the store quick and happened to have their dog in the back of their SUV and I happened to catch a glimpse of him while they were getting the stroller out.  And he looked JUST like my sweet doggy Ticket!  There is no mistaking a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever when you see one, and they are a pretty rare breed so when you see one you just want to go talk to the people who own the Toller because you hardly ever see them randomly like that!  So I pretty much ran over to their car (again, creepy, sorry!) and asked if their dog was, in fact, a Toller, and they said yup, and I was just so excited!  Then when I saw they had a little baby, I thought, what the heck, I’ll just give them my business card in case they happen to want some family photos. :)  But boy am I happy I was a little bit creepy that day, because these photos were so fun to take, and I loved spending some time with this cute family and their doggy (which reminded me sooo much of Ticket, and of course made me miss her, but I’m headed home to Wisconsin today so I get to see her today!).  Check out birthday girl Charlotte (this weekend she’s 1!) and her adorable birthday outfit:

So happy! and I love her little teeth!

Pahah this cracks me up… her expression is priceless!

Daddy working to get a smile out of her…

Got it!


LOVE this! look at her little crossed legs… such a lady :)

Charlotte LOVES books.

How cute is she?

And here’s Jackson the dog!  Oh isn’t he the CUTEST!?

If you know my dog, Ticket, can I just say: Don’t they look SO similar?!?!? (Leslie? right?)

Mr. Jackson trying to get a snack too :)

After a quick snack break, we did some family shots!

um, so cute.

I love this series! She was giving me the mean mug in the top left, and I said so, so her parents turned to look at her and Daddy tickled her in the bottom left, and the one on the right of her reaction is just great!

so cute!

Some mommy time!

Oh this is perfect! I think every mom and daughter should have a picture like this!

Miss Charlotte needed a modeling break so we did a quick few of Mom and Dad! :)

We were starting to lose Miss Charlotte’s attention so we got some balloons…

which she didn’t love at first…

But then decided were pretty fun!

chubby baby in a tutu… I die!

Poor girl was so over it…

But we got a few more good ones out of her!

And then it was all over and she was SOO happy to be back in Momma’s arms! :)

Thanks for trusting the crazy girl in the Nordstrom Rack parking lot you guys! And happy birthday charlotte!!!! ::KD::

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nanamama - BEAUTIFUL … simply breathtakingly beautiful … HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLOTTE REBECCA

Uncle Justin - Oh she is so adorable!!! I’ll bet she’s a lot harder to photograph now that she’s mobile. Rumor has it she was crawling all over the place. Ha! Great photos!

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