It Must Be Love :: My First Stitch Fix!

I LOVE getting things in the mail. I also LOVE to wear cute clothes (not that I ever get a chance since I dressing up cute to go nanny is silly when I just end up covered in all sorts of things by the end of the day).  So when I was reading another blog recently and the girl started talking about, and showing off, the adorable clothes she was getting from something called a “stitch fix” I was super intrigued!  Turns out this is kind of the most awesome thing ever!

This company, which is currently only in it’s BETA stages, has you sign up and tell them all about the kind of clothes you like and don’t like to wear. Then a stylist picks out 4 pieces of clothing and 1 accessory to send you based on what you’ve told them, and how much outside of your comfort zone you want to go.  Awesome right? And kind of exciting to wait for all these clothes and not even know what you will be getting!  If you think you might love doing this too, just click here and sign yourself right up!!  Just make sure you give me the credit of telling you about this awesome thing!  Mostly because I think I get a little bit of money towards purchasing items for every person who I refer to Stitch Fix, which would be great since I am poor, but I LOVE these clothes! :)

So I signed up, and I had to wait a couple of weeks to be accepted, presumably because they have lots of people trying to sign up and only so many employees and clothing options and time in which to get you your things. So I waited and waited and when I got the email that I was good to go I went right to their website and put in all of my information and set a date to receive my fix!  And when this box showed up on my door step I was SO excited!

Right when you open it, you get some information about how it all works and the items in your fix, and you get a free gift… I got a little thing of colorful post-it notes! :)

This was my first glimpse of what I got… a bag of colors (my first reaction was that I would have liked more color, not so much black/brown/blue, but I was excited about that top patterned one with the reds and greens!) and I got this bracelet as my accessory … wasn’t too crazy about it.

These were the items I was most excited to try on. Both were dresses and both looked adorable. Each item includes a little tag with how to style it for two different type of occasions, which is helpful if you are wondering about that, but since I got mostly items that I would buy on my own I already knew how I would want to style them. I did try to follow their card’s suggestions a little bit though! :)

So this was the dress I was MOST excited about, and I did love it, although it was a little bit too big on top. But super adorable and flattering otherwise.

This dress I thought was also adorable but the fit was slightly off.  The sinched waist was the right size, but again the top was baggy, which is not ideal. I styled this look according to their more “fall/winter” style on the card, with black leggings and black booties. They added a scarf but scarf’s aren’t really my thing, plus it was like 95 out when I took these photos so I was just not even going to go there. :)

I did love the lacey kind of detail on the hem and sleeves of the blue dress… still didn’t love the bracelet they sent me…

These two items I was significantly less excited about. The one on the left was a shirt, which I liked the fabric of and didn’t mind the striped but the cut was a little strange for me. And the dress on the right I thought was pretty much just plain ugly. But I tried them on anyway…

I ended up liking the shirt way more than I thought I would, so that was good! Plus it made me kind of excited for fall with jeans and shirts like this!  I am so over 90+ degrees (we’ve only had ONE day below 90, and it was like 87, in the last 40 something days! ew.) so this was a fun change!

This last dress was surprisingly more flattering on me than I expected, but I still thought the pattern/colors were ugly.  I wish it had been solid black or something better.

So can you guess what I kept?!?!  I for sure ex-nayed the last dress. Then I had a super hard time deciding about the other two dresses and shirt. I loved both dresses for different reasons, and also found a couple things I didn’t like. In the end I kept only the shirt because both of the dresses were pretty pricey and I just didn’t LOVE LOVE LOVE them enough. I think I will wear the shirt a ton over fall and winter and it was the cheapest thing in my fix, so that’s what I kept! :)

SO! Now it’s your turn to go sign up!! Don’t forget to mention my name (Katie Derus) and my website ( when you sign up and be patient if you don’t get accepted right away… it is 100% TOTALLY worth the wait! ::KD::

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Tam - So fun! I had seen this before but didn’t know you had signed up for it. I love the neat little package you got!

My opinions: I love the first two dresses, but I agree with you that the fit on top isn’t great. If you were really in love with the first dress–and if it were a great deal–it wouldn’t be difficult to alter it to fit you. I think you made the right choice, though!

I am with you on the pattern of the last dress being a little crazy, but it looks amazing on you! So flattering! I like that the top is a wrap style, but it doesn’t look like it gaps or sits too low. You should definitely look for something similar in a print you like better.

I also like the bracelet, but you know how I feel about bracelets =).

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