Friday’s in Nannyland – Bad Habits

Don’t worry, this isn’t an actual BAD habit post.  Not because Ella and Max don’t have actual bad habits, because they DO trust me, but because I’m not their parent so I’m not going to throw those out there for everyone to read and judge.  So this is more of a “bad” habits post.  It’s just mostly about things that they do that are kind of funny, and they maybe shouldn’t really do them, but it’s not actually harming anyone so we let it go and kind of just laugh about it.

Let’s start with a big one. It’s so funny, but could be so bad in the wrong situation.  Max totally has a “what’s under THERE” fascination. Namely in public bathrooms. So as Ella or I goes potty in a public bathroom, usually with lots of individual stalls that have doors but a gap under all one them, he just gets right down on the ground and sticks his head up and under into other people’s occupied stalls. And he just stares at them (usually laughing like a creep) as they try to pee in peace. It’s hilarious, and I totally tell him to stop, but generally I don’t go out of my way to make him stop because it’s the only time in his life he can spy like that without getting yelled at/hit/going to jail. :)

Ella does this thing where if she doesn’t know what you are talking about, or doesn’t know the answer to a question you asked her, or just wants to be done in general, she just pauses mid conversation and says, “I don’t really want to talk about this anymore” and usually this is followed by her walking away. Again, not particularly bad, and mostly kind of funny since it’s not like we are having super serious conversations, but it’s probably not a great habit for her to keep around for when she DOES need to have serious conversations.

There are a LOT more “bad habits (and real bad habits) that I cold go on about but those two are my current favorites and if I named them all this post would probably get crazy long!

And some good habits they have right now?  Max LOVES to hug/cuddle. He jumps up in your arms or lap and goes in for a hug but then he puts his little head on your shoulder and snuggles in and it’s the best. And my favorite is when he’s riding in a shopping cart seat he will just reach out and hug me right around my middle and he usually accompanies the gesture with an “awwww” sound which is sooo cute. I love it. I hope he never ever stops loving to give hugs because hugs are the best!  He also loves to say a very enthusiastic “HIII” and a big smile to pretty much everyone we encounter in public, which is hilarious and always gets such good reactions.

And Ella is SUCH A great helper (most of the time). I usually can count on her to help me grab something if I forgot it in another room, or if I drop it or something. She also always helps max when one of his toys rolls under the couch or coffee table or something.  And she always goes “oh I can get that Katie!” when she helps pick something up. It’s adorable.

You know what else is adorable? This kid:

Little man was SO excited about the GIANT bag of chocolate chips we found

And he got a new folding chair that he is obsessed with …

And he even used it to do some sun-glasses-wearing (as inspired by beach volleyball to be sure) big screen olympics watching:

He kills me. Just look at this… apparently going AROUND the table to get the paper to draw on is too easy

Also super cute? Ella. In her new sparkly (which you can’t really see, but trust me it sparkles) pink Gap zip up hoody she got as a late birthday gift from her friend Hana!

And we had some fun this week with photo booth on my computer… haha!

Happy Friday!!! ::KD::

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