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It is rare to spend a single hour with a family and truly know their child’s (or children’s) personality, let alone to capture it completely.  That’s not to say that all the families I shoot go home with photos that don’t show them or their kids how they actually are, but I have noticed that, more or less, children tend to show glimpses of themselves for the camera while spending most of the hour being shy, or running away, or being overly silly, or showing off, or being a punk (ella), or only sitting with Mommy etc. You get the idea.  And it’s all good because, like I said, those kids tend to show glimpses of their real personalities and I do my best to capture those moments so all is not lost!

But little Miss Eva was a rare anomaly at our shoot this weekend. She wasn’t shy, but she wasn’t overly goofy. You could tell she wasn’t putting on a little show (like some kids do when they are in a new situation and feel like maybe they have an audience), she was just her adorable, funny, sweet newly-2-year-old self, and I feel like without ever meeting this family or little Eva, you will be able to look through these photos and feel like you know exactly what kind of kid she is!

The Laws family did a shoot with me last fall and I that shoot has always stood out to me as a fun one that I loved the results of, so I was super excited to meet up with them again and see how big Eva had gotten and get them in front of my camera again!  And I was certainly not disappointed:

Eva was even cuter than I remembered!!

And such a goof!

I love these family shots!! We had amazing weather and just a hint of sun peeking through the clouds which made for great light to shoot in, but also kept it a little bit cooler so we weren’t all sweating our buns off! :)


Such a ham!!

How stinkin’ cute is this family?!

Love this one!

This might be a favorite! I just love her expression!

If you still haven’t gotten a feel for her personality … just check out these:

We let her hit up the playground for a bit since she was so good for photos so far…

Love this!!!

I mean. could she BE any cuter?!

Hahaha that one on the right slays me.

Adorable. And her little skirt was my FAVORITE and the bow was perfection.

Looooooooooove that one on the left! And her little pierced ears!

This is the best.

Where’s Eva? Peek a boo!!

And then she was just done. Good thing Daddy was there to cuddle :)

Thanks for being awesome yet again Laws family!! ::KD::

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