Friday’s in Nannyland – Two Different Ways to be Cute

Today as I was preparing my photos of the nuggets from the week for this post, I came to an interesting realization.  Ella and Max are both super cute (minus the meltdown moments), but in totally different ways.   I realized that this week I have very few photos of Ella to show you all, but a ton of Max being sooo so so cute.  Like this:

Because here’s the thing. Max is an adorable little blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy who can’t really talk yet but he’s all smiles and is hilariously navigating his way around learning all about this big crazy world. So he actually, physically DOES cute and funny things, which, if I can happen to catch them before they are over, make for great photos!

Ella, on the other hand, while still very cute and all, is not really a baby any more, and she really would rather not have her picture taken, and she just doesn’t physically DO as many cute things that I can photograph. Nope. Her cuteness? It comes right out of her little mouth with direct, unfiltered orders from her little super-smart brain.

So while Max makes me laugh out loud daily at the things he does (like running into a wall when he takes a corner to early, or winking and blowing kisses at all the little old ladies when we go out to lunch, or randomly “peek-a-boo”ing strangers from the cart at Target), Ella makes me laugh with all of things she has to say about this world we live in.  Her perspective, like the perspectives of all 3-year-olds, is pretty hilarious because it’s so limited in actual life experience, and she has no filter to keep anything possibly inappropriate in (like the time she asked me if the man standing next to us in line at the store with an eye patch was a pirate. And when I said nope he wasn’t she said “oh then he probably just Captain Hook.” Aweeeesome.) so the result is I spend my time with two super cute and funny kids, but they keep me entertained in completely different ways!

Here are a few more Ella gems (if you are friend’s with me on Facebook, sorry! because you have probably already heard some of these), before I hit you with the Max pictures…

Just a discussion on hot lava:

Ella: “What’s hot laba?”
Me: “Just some stuff that comes out of a volcano.”
Ella: “A colcano??”
Me: “No, a VOLcano”
Ella: “… a BOLcano????”
Me: “Nope. a VOLLLLLcano”
Ella: “….what kind of cano is that??”

She has become quiet observant about traffic when we are driving and she doesn’t like to have to sit in (welcome to life kid.) and the other day while we were stuck in some she says “Katie this traffic is REAL diculous.”  which was soo great A) because what 3 year old says things like that? and B) she thinks the word ridiculous is actually pronounced real-diculous. hahaaaa it still makes me laugh even typing it!

“I wish I could have a tomato garden” (when she saw some growing in a yard and asked what they were)

“I wish I was on that airplane” (about a jet we saw flying one day. no clue where the plane was going, but she wanted to be on it)

“I wish I could get married” (when discussing her being a flower girl in her aunts wedding next month)

“I wish I could go to working at the office” (when we visited her mom at her office)

This week we got home from school and she walked in, took off her shoes, set down her back pack and lunch box on the counter, looked around and sighed (SIGHED.) and said “Ohh, it’s good to be home!”

The other day, Ella’s mom asked her to help her zip up her dress and she crouched down so Ella could reach and Ella zipped it right up and then …. PATTED HER ON THE BACK. Like she was basically saying with that pat “oh there ya go mom. all zipped up and ready for work.”  It was so adult-like that we both burst out laughing.

This happened at Target today (about a random lady walking by):

Ella: “What’s her name?”
Me: “Umm, I don’t really know sweetie”
Ella: “Well we could ask her…”
Me: “I guess we could but she’s all the way over there now.”
Ella: “It’s not too late Katie. Just go back and find her”

She cracks me up!!!!!  But on to cutie Max (and some of Ella)… Here’s Max just chillin’ with his new favorite toy. A christmas-song-rapping dog.

And just eating some grilled salmon and broccoli. SALMON AND BROCCOLI! and he loved it. so much.

silly faces! this was the day that Max wore those fuzzy crocs all day. wouldn’t take them off.


Watching the Olympics with Ella. She loved the gymnastics SO much because they get to wear sparkly costumes. But she was into the swimming too…

Max channeling his inner teenage girl…


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