Friday’s in Nannyland – Ella is Soo Brave.

Two things before we get into his story … 1) this is actually the nannyland from last week but I sort of forgot to program it to publish while I was off shooting a wedding. oops sorry! and 2) since I am gone right now in Wisconsin for my friends wedding (YAY!!) it ended up working out nicely that I just took last weeks post and made it for today. But I added this weeks’ photos too! :) 

You guys. Kids getting shots is not funny. Side note: also not funny that somehow I, these childrens’ nanny, not parent, always end up with the bad doctor appointments. Last week I thought I was dodging a bullet because I was just picking the kids up after the appointment, but Ella was still getting her 3-year-old check up when I got there and Carin had to leave.  Just in time to leave me alone for Ella’s shot. Awesome.  I always get the MRSA, pneumonia/nebulizer/X-ray, shots appointments.  Good thing I like this family and have a steel will that gets me through it. :)

ANYWAY. So Ella had to get a shot today.  And it’s really not funny in general, but this particular shot experience ended up being so flippin’ entertaining and it was the gift that just kept giving for like a solid hour after.  So the doctor checked her charts and then told us that Ella had to get a shot today. After the doctor walked out Ella looks at me and says “Katie, it’s okay I get a shot. I will be braaave.”   I told her that was great and I was really proud of her for trying to be brave and not crying about it. So we hang out a few minutes then the male nurse (I don’t know if or why it’s important that he was a man nurse not a lady nurse, but I felt the need to call him not just a nurse) comes in with a shot and a pink bandaid and asks if Ella is ready. She assured him once again that she was ready and she was going to be brave.

So up she hops on the table and as he sticks her with the shot you can see in her face that it definitely hurts a little bit. But she’s stuck now because she totally played herself up to everyone about being brave. So she just starts rapidly repeating “I’m being brave. I’m being brave. I’m being so brave.” over and over as he cleaned up and put her bandaid on. Then he gave her a princess aurora sticker. To which she replied really fast “thanksI’mbeingbrave!” because she had to continue to convince herself she was fine.  And then he laughed and assured her she had been very brave.  Then he left. And she turned to me and said “Umm Katie … Umm that kind of hurt me. Katie that hurt me A LOT.”  I told her I bet it hurt a little bit but she was being a very brave 3-year-old about it and I was so proud she didn’t cry.

At this point she’s still sitting on the table, but we were all done with the appointment so I told her it was time to hop down and put her shoes on to leave and she tells me “Katie I have a really big owwie and I can’t really move”

Okay drama queen.

“Katie you need to get me down.”

Okay so I put her down.

And she LIMPS one teeny tiny step. LIMPS. Like a wounded soldier. Not a kid who has the tiniest pin prick of a 2 second shot.

“Katie I can’t really walk because I am really hurt. But, I’m being brave.”

And this continues while I put her shoes on and take her to the car and we go to target.

“Katie I can’t climb in my car seat because I have a owwie.”

“Katie I can’t walk in Target because I have a REALLY BIG owwie”

“Katie you see my bandaid? I have a big owwie”

and my favorite line she busted out a few times…

“Katie I can’t walk because I got shot.”  Not a shot. the “a” is kind of a key part of the sentence…

I swear. It was so ridiculous I just laughed the whole time. And it went on for about an hour until she forgot about it.  I feel like now that I wrote this all out it’s actually not that funny and maybe a you-had-to-be-there kind of thing?  if so, really sorry about that!  I will make up for it by sharing some cute photos!!! Like this one of Ella in pigtails (a rare and seldom-seen sight!) as she pops out edamame at dinner…

My little love and I at her birthday party!!!

This was one of her birthday outfits… crown, earrings, necklace, her dress is sparkly (though you can’t see it too well in this photo), and her gold shoes. I swear. She got SO much attention in this and LOVED every second of it!

Blowing out the candles on her pink princess cupcakes at school!  With cousin Meah and Max!

Want to know Max’s version of heaven (or in this case, the best 20 minutes EVER) … the ball aisle at Sports Authority.

The kids are always so crazy and goofy right before nap time… especially if it’s after the pool so they have to get naked and changed out of their wet suits and back into their clothes. They go nuts running around being all FREEEE BABIES!  And last week Max thought it was really great to climb up his crib while totally naked.  It was so funny and cute. And I probably didn’t need to blur the tush, but I decided not to make this post too inappropriate :)

Reading books with Mommy at the doctor before Ella “got shot”

Max and I have lunch dates when his sister is at school and he LOVES pretending to be an only child … and here he was casting a spell on me…


Happy Friday!!! ::KD::

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