And I runnnnnn… I run so far awwwaayyyy

Anyone catch that title reference? I’ll give you a hint, it’s from the best decade ever. :) But I digress. A while ago I posted about how I got talked into/convinced myself to run a half marathon.  I didn’t technically start training until a few weeks ago, and as of today the furthest I have run so far is only 5 miles. I say ONLY 5 because in comparison to the 13 I will be running in September, 5 is pretty much nothing… however for me it is the farther I have ever run at one time.  I have probably run what equals 5 or more miles in several rugby games I have played in my life, but never, until last week, had I ever just tied up my tennis shoes, popped in my headphone with my running jams, and hit the pavement for 5 straight miles. So I feel pretty awesome about that! I was quiet proud when I arrived home and survived it!

Let me just say though, I still do not LOVE running (please note this is not a “it must be love” post haha). I still don’t even really like it. But having a “training schedule” that tells me what days to run and how long to run on those days has really helped me be able to actually do it and complete my runs each day.  Previously running had sucked so much for me that I always ended up quitting earlier than I intended when I set out to run. But now with the the training (and the looming 13 miles!!!) I just know I HAVE to do the 3 or 4 or 5 or eventually 10/12/13 miles. So I just do.  And oddly enough the routine of it has me almost missing running on my days off. Almost. Though I happily enjoy sleeping in instead of running.

I have yet to experience anything close to a “runners high” and mostly I feel exhausted immediately when I am done, but I love going about the rest of my day knowing I ran that morning (it’s been so. dang. hot. here that I run at 6/7am to make sure I don’t die of heat stroke or something) and I kind of feel myself getting a little bit obsessed with it.  Maybe there is a true runner in me after all!  I just wish I had my team to run with because running with my rugby team was 1000 times better than running alone!!

And, since we now live in our new house (!!!) I get to run around our awesome new neighborhood and I get to come home to this (except not really because on the weekdays he is gone and the weekends he is asleep, but I do love sitting out on the front porch/stoop while I cool down!):

Who knows, maybe come September and 13.1 miles, I will LOVE running! I’ll keep you posted! ::KD::

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Ashley - Yay Katie! Congrats on the running my dear! :) You will do great and maybe that runners high will come!

Brittani - Not gonna lie, I am so envious. I have always wanted to run a half marathon but it seems like you have a lot more motivation than I do. Short runs are my thing. Running a 10k once almost killed me. It was amazing, except I hated training so I never really did. Whoopsies. Supppper proud of you though, and I’m really jealous you miss running on your days off haha. I would live for those days.

Beth - You are doing a great job! I remember after each ‘big’ mile day I did I was so relieved. Now, I really miss running and I hope I can run again someday soon! Keep it up and you will feel so utterly proud of yourself!

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