Denver Kids Photographer :: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLA!!!

You guys. Ella is 3. THREE.  As in three YEARS old. Crazy.  And sometimes I think she’s 3-going-on-16-going-on-30.  She has the attitude of a teenager, but then says things like “this traffic is ridiculous” or “I need to starting working and make some money” or yesterday, at her mom’s work she sat behind the big desk and informed me (and one of her mom’s coworkers) that we needed to get some money so we could go to her wedding. HER WEDDING.

I’d say she’s had a pretty darn good welcoming to being 3.  On Sunday she had her birthday party at a bakery decoration cakes with all her friends. On Monday we went to lunch with Mommy and she even got a cupcake with a candle!  And today, her actual birthday, she had school this morning and she had a big party with all the kids and I took Max and we brought pink and purple princess cupcakes.  This kid celebrates a birthday like a girl after my own heart!

Last week I took Ella out for a photo shoot adventure. I took some serious bribing and coaxing and pleading and tricking and tickling and more bribing to get these photos, but it’s so so worth it.  There are 23095798 outtakes too from all of the crazy hilarious faces she makes (seriously she’s such a character) that I will probably blog at some point, but if I had included those this post would have been out of control. So instead you get mostly happy, cute Ella the 3-year-old!

shakin’ her tushie at me…

And every so often she hit me with a stunner!

The hat kills me


If this isn’t pure childhood summer birthday bliss I don’t know what is!

practicing for her model career…

speaking of modeling career…

such a weirdo…

And these little gems will be for her thank you cards this year :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my most favorite Ella-bean (“eee-bee” as Max says)!!! I love you so so much and I can’t even believe you are 3 already. ::KD::

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Leslie! - Sass pants, I need to give Ella a present so I can get a thank you card.

Tam - Well, hello, future fashion blogging superstar! I seriously can’t get enough of Ella in these pictures. So freaking cute. Hard to believe she’s already 3!

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