Friday’s in Nannyland – Ella’s Shopping Escapade

Listen. I had all of these things to write about today for nannyland (and had it actually half written out even!) and then the best thing in life happened Probably not really the best thing, but it was so great I had to make it nannyland today.

Let’s start at the beginning.  Ella is turning 3 next Tuesday.  Her party is on Sunday at a cake decorating place where everyone gets to make their own cake YAY!  Obviously she needs a new special outfit for it. Obviously.  The problem is, she is rather picky about her clothes. She wears almost exclusively dresses. And all dresses must be pink or contain obvious amounts of pink.  She has tons of adorable stuff in her closet that she won’t even let come down off the hanger because she refuses to wear them.  Many many a clothing item has been purchased that she has hated (for who even knows why) and refused to wear.

So her mom and I think we could make this fun thing for her to go to the mall special and pick out her own birthday party dress.  Pretty much the only two places at the mall here that have acceptably cute kids clothes are Nordstrom and Gap.  Nordstrom is often too expensive though even on clearance.  Especially for something for Ella when you never know when she will just decided she can no longer tolerate wearing it and then you’ve wasted your money.  So we went to Gap, which had the cutest stuff.  Too bad Ella apparently HATES the Gap and every. single. thing. I showed her she said “nooo” to.  Except a sparkly cupcake shirt which would have been adorable with her pink tutu and I was so pumped and then it was $24 and I promptly put it back in it’s place. Because I barely pay $24 for my own adult size shirts, let alone something for a kid that will literally be worn once.  And then she actually did pick ONE dress she said she liked but it had a huge rip down the front (it was on super clearance for being ripped, but what was I going to do about the gaping hole in her dress??)  So we left empty handed.

That story about Gap is entirely unimportant other than for you to get the picture here about how picky she is and how much she pretty much wanted nothing to do with picking out birthday clothes just yesterday.  Because today we went to Target.  Which Ella LOVES significantly more than Gap.  On the way to Target I was trying to get her all pumped up for this to maybe yield different results so I was all “Ella! This is going to be so fun! We are going SHOPPING! To pick out a fancy birthday dress! Yay! Shopping! Birthday Dress! Target!”

Upon arriving she says, “Katie, we need to find the purple path. That’s the way to the dresses.”

Umm… Okay.  Sure. Purple path (obviously she missed that Target is all red and white) and off we went to the kids section.  And I kid you not, she started flipping through racks of clothes pulling out dresses she liked. Left and right.  We had upwards of 10 in out cart.  She was a different child. “Katie, I like thisss one!”  and “A SPARKLY DRESS!”  and “this is my favorite birthday dress!”

I started to realize we were going to need to do some narrowing down.  And the thing is, even though she’s going to be 3, she still wears 18 month/24 month or ocasssssionally 2T clothes.  It’s hard to find things that are the right fit.  So I try to casually throw out that we might need to go try some of these on to make sure they fit. And she was ALLLL about it. “Yeah! Let’s go find a trying on room!”  So we did. And the kid had her own little fashion show. She tried everything on. Decided which ones she liked and which she didn’t. She checked herself out in the mirror. She turned sideways to check out the back.  It was outrageous.  At one point, between dresses, she was checking out her naked self and she says, “Katie this my nakey birthday outfit!” and I said “It’s called your birthday suit!” and she laughed at said “yeah, I wear my birtttthday suit to my party!  So silly!”

You’re welcome for the entertainment fellow dressing room occupants.

And after we narrowed it down to three options (one white and silver sparkly dress, one pink and gold sparkly dress, and one multi-colored floral number) we headed to give the rest to the dressing room lady and Ella says, “Oh I just had to try all my dresses on.” all nonchalant to the woman.  Like she was some kind of fancy-shmancy woman shopping for cocktail dresses. I just was dying. Apparently she’s 3-going-on-30.

Sadly Target bamboozled me when they made me leave my cart out so I forgot to bring my phone with me so I have no pics or videos of the whole escapade, but trust me, it was so entertaining.

And I dooo have these photos from this week that are so cute!  And also, today, max was pooping at lunch (um thanks for the sweet lunch-date Max.) and just looked at me and said “I pooooo”  Awesome. The kids has a very limited vocabulary but he’s got that down apparently.  And I took a picture. Because if I had to sit through this at lunch, then at least I can embarrass future him on the internet :)

Speaking of embarrassing things Max does… he eats all of the things he dropped off the floor after he finishes his meal.

This week we are birthday cookies with cousin Meah at grandma’s house!  Meah took hers home to her mom who’s birthday it was, and Ella kept (ate) hers for her birthday!  They LOVED it.

Ella gets soooo sweaty when she sleeps and it makes her hair crazy when she wakes up… though the other day she woke up with a perfect Mrs. Brady hair cut. (seriously just go google Mrs. Brady and look at the images of her hair)

On Monday it rained soooo much and we totally got trapped in a parking lot trying to go to the store so we just waited it out and they were both sooo enthralled by it all!

Little man loves his backpack and I think it’s SOOOOO cute

How freaking cute is Ella’s tutu swim suit! And her pig tails!

Speaking of Ella… her 3 year old birthday photos are coming soon and they are SO cute and funny, if I do say so myself!  Happy Friday!! ::KD::

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