It Must Be Love… My New Brewers T-Shirt Dress!!

Okay you maayyyy have seen this on Instagram already (if not, it’s probably because you don’t follow me, which you can @kdphoto28! I take lots of fun pictures of things like ella and max (weird.), and my new baby fish, and my clothes, and the sky. thrilling stuff really.), but IF NOT or if you did and you want to know more here is my little bloggy blog post about it!

A long time ago on Pinterest I found the directions on this random blog about how to turn a mens xxl t-shirt into a super fun dress!  Sadly, it requires sewing so I couldn’t do this myself BUT my Mom happens to be the at sewing so I figured this would be easy peasy for her to help me make.  Alas. When I found a shirt I liked and got everything ready to go last winter and brought it home over Christmas my mom didn’t have time to finish it so she sent it to me a few days later AND THE PACKAGE GOT STOLEN FROM OUR APARTMENT’S FOYER. Rude.  So this summer we tried again when I found these shirts that were the softest jersey fabric and my favorite old Brewers logo.

My mom didn’t want to make two dresses so I sleep in the grey one (favorite) and the blue one is now a super wonderful dress!

Sorry that pictures kind of dark and not so great. Also sorry my face isn’t in it, I know you all love seeing me! Hah.  But anyway, this dress is my new favorite and I love it and it’s so soft and now I just need a packers one (though dresses are far less practical at most Lambeau game days) and I will be one happy dress-loving Wisconsin sports fan!

These are the directions from the other girls blog on how to make this dress!  Watching my mom do it I actually think if you have the ambition and desire to learn the basics of sewing you could probably make this yourself!  ::KD::

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