Turns out… He is a She!

Pretty much the two things my boyfriend, Chris, wanted to have when he owned a house were a grill, and a fish tank.  Well last weekend he found fish tank and almost all the accessories at a garage sale for $5 and pretty much all we had to do was fill it up with water, buy a pirate ship feature (obviously. we love pirates!), and get some fish.  Easy right?

Sort of.  First we filled up the tank Sunday and headed off to Petsmart to buy some fish. Turns out you have to let your tank sit for 24 hours. Okidoki. We can do that. So Monday morning I took Ella and Max back to get some fish (you can see more here) and the fish-nazi-lady pretty much told me my choices were between two little kinds of simple, beginner fish, but I couldn’t even mix those two types because they needed to be with their own kind. Okay, whatever you say lady just give me 3 and I’ll be off to my house with my fish tank that we aren’t even that serious about anyway. So I bought three little cheap ($2 each) fish. One yellow, one orange, one black and white. Great.

We named the yellow one Flash, after my good friend who’s nickname is Flash, but also sometimes fish, so it seemed fitting. The orange and black ones we named Mark and Matt respectively because when they helped us move (Mark is Chris’s brother and Matt is Mark’s friend… following?) they said we should name our fish after them.  Done and done.  Well yesterday night I glanced at the tank and realized I couldn’t find Flash-the-fish anywhere (I seriously thought she may have gotten eaten, but turns out she’s just a dang good hider and she appeared again this morning) so I looked closer and almost fell over in shock because there were teeny tiny BABY FISH swimming all over!!!

Turns out, Mark-the-fish is a girl. And she had babies. I googled the fish and found out that they have live births (so they don’t lay eggs), so I knew I wasn’t going crazy.  There were really baby fish (known as frys. fish frys. hilarious and terrible) swimming around our tank.  12 of them. TWELVE!  For a bit I thought maybe Matt-the-fish was the father, but they came form different tanks at the store and these fish has 4 week pregnancies so that’s not possible. We just got lucky enough to purchase a knocked-up fish all ready to go.  I called the store to see what to do and they said unless I wanted to come get a different tank and somehow find and remove all of the baby fish and put them in the new tank (they are about the size of a grain of rice. so no thanks), I should probably just let nature take its course and a few of them would probably survive and grow up into big fish.  So that’s the plan for now.  They are born with the instinct to hide from movement in an effort not to get eaten by their parents (pleasant start to life…) and eat the same food as the big versions of themselves so I guess we will see in a few weeks how many fish we actually end up with!

And ps: if anyone wants to throw out suggestions for names of the survivors that would be great!  I pretty much used my one ready-to-go fish name on Flash and the other two were by request. So hit me with some good ones!

I, of course, took some photos because IT IS STILL SO CRAZY TO ME and actually kind of awesome and fun! :)  Here’s one of the babies…

For some perspective on just hot leeeeetle tiny tiny they are… here’s one with Mark and Matt hiding there too.

One of the cooler looking black and orange ones!

They are super transparent right now which is sweet, but also kinda creepy, but at just hours old, they totally look like fish!!

One last one!

Maybe I will start a new career as a fish breeder??? ::KD::

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