Friday’s in Nannyland – Getting Big!

I know that it’s cliche, and over-used, and you’ve probably heard it a million times, but seriously WHERE does the time go and how do kids grow up so fast?!  It hit me this week that Ella is seriously, for real, almost 3 and Max is 1 and half. They are no longer babies. They aren’t even really toddlers anymore. They are both pre-schoolers. Walking, talking, independent pre-schoolers who each have their own unique personality and who seem to get smarter every single day.

Seriously, they learn something new every day.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad.  The other day Ella called Max a dummy. Out of NOWHERE. I have no idea where she even learned that word, or knew to use it when Max was making her mad.  Probably from other kids at school, but to hear her just use it out of nowhere was crazy!  I explained to her that it’s not a nice thing to say or call people. She responded with, “But Maxy is bugging me. Maybe I call him a stinker pot instead.”  Which, I’ll allow because it’s really funny and cute and not as negative or mean as dummy.

And Max?  Well he doesn’t exactly come off as really smart, especially since most of his words are hard to understand and probably don’t count as real words anyway to anyone other than his parents or me, but while he may not talk NEARLY as well Ella did at his age, he understands every word we say to him and he follows rules and directions really well, so you know his brain is working all the time and he tries so hard to make it all come out in the right words. It actually amazes me when I say something to him and I almost expect him to give me blank stare in return, but he usually never does, he always just does what I say. Today we went out to lunch and he wanted to just eat french fries and finally I said “Max you need to eat some bites of hot dog before I give you more fries.”  And he shook his head no so I said “Do you want more fries?” and he said yes, so I said “then please eat some bites of hot dog” and he gobbled up a handful before asking for more fries.  He’s certainly much smarter than his grunts and points and jumbled words make you think!  And he’s SO CUTE! :)

The kids learned all about the fourth of July this year (well, Ella learned about it, and Max just ran around and waved a flag) and so we got some flags on Tuesday and they ran around waving them and Ella just called them “americans” which was super entertaining!

In addition to just growing up and becoming so much bigger and smarter, Ella is turning into SUCH a girly girl. Well she has always been one, but it gets more obvious every day…

Chris and I decided to get some pet fish this week at our new house, and I promised Ella and Max they could come help us pick them out and they were SO into it. This was them bringing the fish home…

And Max was obsessssssed with watching the fish acclimate into the tank.

Happy Friday everyone!! ::KD::

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