Denver Engagement Photographer :: Laura and Steve!

I am completely obsessed with this engagement shoot!  I mean I have, so far in my career, loved every shoot I’ve done for different reasons, but this one I think will always stand out.  It had a lot of unique factors and a couple so in love and fun and open to anything and it just turned out wonderfully!  And maybe it was one of those things where you expect the worst and get the best?  And by no means does that apply to Laura and Steve!! But we had a few things go wrong on us the day of the shoot – needing a permit to shoot in one park, the next park being closed, a big thunder storm, crazy wild fires, extreme heat, you get the idea! – but the third park ended up being phenomenal, the storm ended up cooling off the 105 degree heat to a mild 87 and we had crazy beautiful skies to work with!!

I really just can’t say much more about this shoot other than to show you the photos…

LOVE this one.

Adorable couple + stunning colorado backdrop = perfection!

Seriously perfection.

Not my go-to style, but I couldn’t resist!!!

New favorite of all time!

Mean while this was what out view out of the park back across the state looked like… there’s the city (so tiny!) on the right and the mountains on the left and the storm passing over and you can see the smoke from one of the fires there on the mountains…

How crazy beautiful is that stormy blue sky!!!

Love this!  These two needed no direction or coaxing to be like this!

Love this!  Though it’s sad to see how beautiful this state is and those white/grey “clouds” over the hills in this shot is smoke from the Colorado Springs fire that, literally as I was taking these photos, was burning homes :(

AHH seriously I love this.

I’m obsessed with this bridge we found!

In order to accurately expose my photos for the people in them, I couldn’t quite get how deep blue the sky was… so I took that shot on the left to show the actual color!


We also found some red rocks as the sun was setting and it made for a perfect last shot of the day!

Thanks for exploring Colorado with me Steve and Laura!  You were the perfect subjects for this stunning backdrop! I hope these are everything you wanted Laura :) ::KD::

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Amanda Forbes - Killer skies!!

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