Friday’s in Nannyland – Two Weeks Recap!

Did you MISS US?!?  I have been busy busy busy lately with moving and shooting sessions and life and everything so last week I ended up not having time to do a nannyland post. But never fear! We had a busy two weeks so I have ooooodles of stories and photos and stuff to share!  Since there is no real rhyme or reason (or, really to be more accurate, I just don’t want to think about any rhyme or reason) to these past two weeks, other than fun, adorable, summer plant time and birthday’s, I just have some bullet points of cuteness!

  • We hit up the pool again this week!  It’s the best! This time we had Ella with us (Max and I are old pros together at this point) and I was a little bit nervous because she’s always been nervous of water and her two encounters this summer so far (a sprinkler and the pool in Florida on her trip) she has HATED. So I talked it up all day telling her how fun and awesome the pool is and how great it will feel to be in the cool water when it’s 104 degrees out – it’s been SO hot here. Not fun to wrangle two toddlers in triple digit temps.  When we got there she spent the first 45 minutes just hanging out on the edge of the pool with her toes dangling in and pour water from cup to cup and back into the pool.  But all of the sudden she just hoped up and grabbed a pink inter tube and hopped right in the water and LOVED it. I was shocked!! And now I’ve created a monster because within 30 seconds of getting to her house in the morning now I am bombarded with “Katie today a pool day!??” over and over…  And as usual Max loved it.  He’s a little fish!
  • As much as I LOVE the pool that the kids belong to, and it’s just about perfect for them, it’s not exactly easy to get two kids into swim suits, sun screened up, pack a big swim bag, and head to the pool on a regular basis. It’s just a lot of work for one human, plus two kids and toys and snacks and water and towels and floaties and you know all that pool stuff. So we were at Target and I saw an inflatable pool for sale and I hopped right on it! We filled it up and had a pool party in the back yard and it was SO much easier than going to the pool!  It doesn’t entertain them for as long as the real pool, so we will still hit up the real pool probably once a week if it’s hot, but this is a GREAT way to kill an hour at home!
  • June and July are birthday craziness for us (you read about my birthday yesterday, and Ella’s birthday is in 2 weeks!) starting with Ella and Max’s cousin Meah, who is just a few week older than Ella and turned 3 the other day.  They had an AWESOME monkey/curious george party and the kids had the best time.  They ran around for several hours with all the other kids and had pizza and cake and lemonade and there were presents and a piñata and candy and just so much fun! And all the girls wore super fun pink tutu’s. Ella was obsessed!
  • Speaking of birthdays. I told Ella that today after her nap we were going out to dinner for my birthday. She looked right at me and said, “Katie, your birthday is OVER”  ouch.  But they enjoyed it while it lasted… especially my balloons!
  • I don’t have a picture to accompany this little tid bit, but it’s so sweet I wanted to share anyway.  You may have heard that Colorado has a ton of wild fires burning right now. So many people have lost their homes and it’s really scary and sad. So the other day when we saw a fire truck zoom by and Ella asked about it I explained that fire fighters are heroes who help save people’s lives from fires.  When we got home she ran around playing “fire tighter” and putting out pretend fires all over the house and saving people.  So cute!
  • Ella recently started “playing” soccer.  I went to watch and it was soooo funny. She actually was one of the only kids who really tried to do it and listened to the “coach” and stuff!  She has a minor issue with remembering not to pick up the ball with her hands, but really? she’s 2-almost-3 and we forgive her.  She even has little baby shin guards!  Which I was shocked to see her wearing since she’s SO picky about her clothes (though she did insist her mom brought along a dress and sandals for her to change into after hah!)
  • Update on the potty situation… she is completely potty trained!  Through naps and the night and the pool and everything she always potties in the potty! :) And this is probably one of my favorite instagramed photos so far!
  • Max is getting SO big you guys.  On tuesday’s and friday’s when Ella’s at “school” in the morning he gets to be an only child for half a day and he LVOES it.  Since he has given up his morning nap we just have a blast playing or running errands or going on walks. He’s so happy to have all the toys to himself and no one to share with or steal from him.  He’s been learning new words left and right and “talking” up a storm. I say talking in quotes because he’s no where near as well spoken or clear as Ella was at that age and always has been.  He’s way more garbled and very few people know what he’s saying but a few of my favorites are “dede” which is Katie (the day before my birthday he FINALLY said it for the first time! yay!), “buh” which is bug (which he yells on repeat at any form of bug), “peee” which is please, “ahh dah” which is all done (and he does it in combination with throwing his hands up in the air), “wha da doh?” which is where’d it go (which he says all the time when something he has just thrown disappears under the couch/table/chair/tv etc.) … He also loves pretend talking on the phone and he picks up a toy phone (or my phone) and says a variety of names of people he knows (“oma” “opa” “papa” “mama” “dada”).  He also has NO fear of anything what so ever so finding him like this is not uncommon:

  • and he’s a pro at crocodile tears…

  • And he’s getting SO big he’s almost a kid now, not a baby (he’s also a total slob when he eats so he often ends up shirtless)

  • Last week the kids’ mom was out of town for a few days and we discovered we could FaceTime from her phone to my computer which Ella LOVED and asked me to do 100 times a day.

  • And max just waited at the window for her to appear…

  • And lastly… if I suddenly disappear and stop blogging and instagramming (follow me @kdphoto28!!!) you know who to question because these two are up to something…

Happy Friday everyone!!! I am going to go enjoy the peace and quiet that is nap time!!!! ::KD::

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