It Must Be Love… MY BIRTHDAY!

Well today is my birthday.  I’m 25 now. Which people keep telling me is a quarter of a century. And apparently this is supposed to somehow impact me. People also tell me that it’s time to tone down how much I love birthdays, especially my own. But you know what? I FLIPPIN LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!! I love all birthdays!  Who cares if you are a year older?? This is the one day you get to celebrate YOURSELF and be happy and have fun and eat cake and open presents and have balloons and do what. ever. the. heck. you. want.

Why should celebrating birthdays be reserved for kids?  I mean listen, I’ve definitely toned it down a lot since the days of sleepover/pool parties with pizza and a big cake and a piñata and lots of presents (though, side note, I wouldn’t turn down that sort of celebration if someone wanted to throw one for me :)) or my college birthday party days (I won’t even begin to go there …), but I still love the special little things that make my birthday a special day. I love hearing from all of my friends, both close ones and ones I maybe haven’t seen in a while (thanks Facebook!). I love walking into work (aka Ella and Max’s house) and getting big hugs and balloons and a cake, but more on this tomorrow in nannyland!  And, so far, I’ve loved the few awesome gifts I’ve gotten. And I know that birthday’s aren’t about gifts, but the thing about gifts is that it’s a way for the people in your life to show you how much they care about you.  For me, I take pride in giving presents to my friends and family and I love thinking hard to get them something special and meaningful and fun and great specifically for them, and I know that’s how my friend’s and family feel too so I love seeing what they come up with to get me! :)

So you know what? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  I am going to keep on celebrating every birthday I am blessed enough to have!

Here are just a few instragram photos of some of my new birthday things … like my new ski outfit that I am obssssesssssed with!  The jacket is from Christopher (and no joke it looks like a real sweater, but it’s a jacket. When we saw it I just HAD to have it!) and then I gifted the pants to myself because before I had even ever skied I wanted yellow pants. I love them. We got them last week when it was 104 degrees out and I seriously wanted to just wear them around, but I was sooooooo hot.

Chris’s sister Tamara (known to me as Pam), who you have seen around here in her fabulous fashions, gave me this fantastic Kate Spade cosmetic case… the pattern on it is the streets of New York, which she picked and I love because of our trip to NYC last fall!

Ella and Max got me some fun games and blankets to have game nights at our new house and they got me this sweet batman cake!  Ella ran up to me when I got to her house and said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  We get you a BOY cake!!”  haha who knows why she actually picked it… she has no idea who batman is, and I’m not like a superhero mega fan or anything.  My best guess is that she does know my favorite color is yellow and her mom said this was the only yellow cake in the store so maybe that’s why?  But she has said nothing about it being yellow or anything so I don’t know?

My bestie Leslie got me this AMAZING camera necklace that also has a little pendant with my name on it.  It’s the perfect necklace and I love it and I’ve worn it prettttyyyyy much every day since she gave it to me in the beginning of June when I was home visiting Wisconsin)

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Ashley - Happy Birthday!! I love Birthdays!!! :)

Leslie! - Hahahahaha ella

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