Denver Wedding Photographer :: Sarah and John!

Sarah and John’s wedding day had a different vibe than I’ve experienced before. There was no big room full of giddy girls all rushing around getting ready. There was no room full of crazy men drinking and making “ball and chain” jokes.  Instead there was the calm that comes with being surrounded by close family and the ease and happiness of two people who have a second chance at love.

Sarah and John were the epitome of two people not only content, but SO happy in love on their big day. They enjoyed each other and their families and friends and celebrated not only their coming together as a couple, but the start of a whole new family too!  Sarah’s daughter and John’s daughter and son are three lucky people to have their parent’s find such happiness. Not to mention they each now have new siblings and a bigger family! :)

When I arrived at the Hyatt in downtown Denver to meet Sarah, it was just her and her daughter and their friend/hairdresser hanging out in the spacious hotel room, surrounded by all of the tell-tale signs of a wedding day, like the GORGEOUS dress:

They relaxed and ordered room service and chatted and laughed

And I took some photos of more of those “wedding day items” around the room

How fun and unique are these rings?!  And even better… John’s son MADE his ring. I was amazed!

And their room had a stunning view of the edge of the city and across the suburbs to the mountains to look out at as they got ready

We sat in the comfort of the room as a storm passed through, leaving us with perfect sunny skies for the rest of the day!

Sarah’s sister did her make up (and officiated her wedding… talent!)

We were a little rushed to get out the door on time (who isn’t on a wedding day???) but it didn’t stop the few people in the room from noticing just how stunning Sarah looked…

We headed to Cheeseman Park in Denver for a first look…

You can FEEL the love!

By far the happiest smiles in all the photos I took are on Sarah’s face when she’s close to John.

They might as well be teenagers with how giddy in love they are!

LOVE these!

Sarah made a stunning bride! I loved all the little accessories she had and LOOOOVED they was her dress just swayed and moved with the wind!

The bouquets too were GORGEOUS!  And smelled so so so good, everyone was sticking their noses in :)

These two kept it ALL in the family and had their children as the bridal party!  So we killed two birds with one stone while taking bridal party photos since they doubled as the new family photos!

Leaving each other to head to the ceremony!

The ceremony and reception were held at Walker Fine Art in downtown Denver, and was an awesome venue!

I was a little bit obsessed with this floral arrangement that stood where Sarah and John would marry each other.  It was perfection in every way and I secretly wanted to steal it and put it in my house! :)

Time to get married! 

John stole a kiss… and got chastised! :)   Just one of the sweetly funny moments that made their ceremony so wonderful and personal

Lots of laughs!

John and Sarah not only made vows to each other but to their new family as well…


Love this!

The gallery was quickly transitioned from ceremony to reception and it was lovely…

How cool is the cake and the art!?

And then… ELVIS made an appearance!  John’s favorite!  So the couple had a few “first dances” throughout the day … because who can resist Elvis playing live!? ;)

Elvis was singing “Ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog” and Sarah was making sure he knew who he was singing about! ;)

Sarah’s daughter gave a sweet toast

As did her father

And as they thanked their guests for celebrating with them….

And toasted to love…

John’s daughter was putting together a surprise slide show of pictures as her toast… Which the happy couple LOVED

Then there was more sweet, slow, love-y dancing…

And some parting…

And the night ended perfectly with lots of happy people celebrating Sarah and John’s second chance at love

Thanks for letting me share your big day Sarah and John (and family!!!), I truly had a blast! ::KD::

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Michaela Vidulich - Kaite these are wonderful! I am so glad I got to met you! You are such a wonderful person and a wonderful photographer!

– Michaela –

John - Katie

This is absolutely awesome. I can’t believe how great this looks and I love the narrative that you put with the pictures. This is more than I ever could have imagined. Your words ,the beautiful pictures you captured our day perfectly.

Thank you so much


Katie Derus - Thanks Michaela and John!!! I had so much fun with you guys!

Annie O (the officiant) - Wow wow wow. What an absolutely wonderfilled evening. Great friends, great music, a feeling of love everywhere and a ROCKIN AWSOME PHOTOGRAPHER! Unbelievable shots. You captured it all. Thank you so much. :-)

Katie "The Caterer" Mickel - I finally managed to find my way to this gallery and the photos are GREAT! Katie, I am amazed at your ability to capture the energy and joy of the entire event. I didn’t know it was possible, but you have certainly found a way.

It was such a pleasure to work with you, and I hope our paths cross again someday soon!

Katie Mickel
A Spice of Life Catering

Katie Derus - Thanks Katie!! :) We should get coffee sometime and chat!!

S e a r c h