Friday’s in Nannyland – Summer is Here!

Diddddd you miss us last week??  Ella and Max spent a week in Florida with family, and I spent the same week in Wisconsin with family and friends! Yay!!  We had a happy little break from each other and thus a break from Nannyland, since it would have been the most boring Nannyland ever with out those two crazy kids.

But last week’s vacation is long over and this week we hit the ground running in full-blown summer fun mode!  We did a TON of stuff this week and it felt like every day 2pm (glorious, sweet, sweet nap time!) just snuck up on us and all the sudden it was time to head home and get ready for naps.  Sometimes in winter, it seems to take forrreevverrr for 2 to roll around because we are cooped up in the house all day doing the same thing day after day.  And when nap time came this week?  All we all wanted to do was sleep.  Both kids were out like a light in less than a minute and I just got to enjoy sitting on my bum in peace and quiet and air conditioning. :)

On Monday, we did something I’ve been wanting to do forever with the kids, but the timing was never right.  We were going downtown to meet Carin and Alex for lunch and finally we had the perfect timing to be able to take the light rail train into the city!!  The station is less than a mile from Ella and Max’s house and it drops us off 2 blocks from Carin’s office!  I could never stand to do it on a really really hot day so we ended up with the perfect day on Monday being just around 70. By the end of the week we’ve been hitting almost 90, which is WAY too hot to wrangle two toddlers into the car, to the light rail station, out of the car, into the train, off the train, into the city … and then back again. Nope not gunna happen.

On our ride in to the city it was pretty uneventful and Ella and Max were just taking it in. But on the way back they were really into the whole process and all ready on the platform to get on the train and find their seats.  Unfortunately, the train car was pretty full and our stroller wasn’t going to make it past a family in the very first seats who’s mother was in a wheel chair in the aisle.  So we stood.  Which Ella was okay with for about 30 seconds. Then she looked around, down the aisle, at all the full seats, then looked up at me and said “Katie, this not FAIR. I don’t has a seat!”   So we had a little chat about what “not fair” really means and that when some people got off the train she would have a spot to sit.

Well, that wasn’t going to cut it. So she took matters into her own hand and turned to the family sitting near us and said, “You guys taking all the seats. Maybe I can sit with you?”  and they all laughed and said of course and scooted over and she hopped right up on the seat with perfect strangers. Super nice strangers! but strangers none the less.  She’s so randomly outgoing and independent sometimes it’s just hilarious.  And after the family left I got Max out of the stroller and let him sit on the seats with us and every time the train stopped or started he would go “wwooaaahhhh!”  Which the little old lady across from us found super funny.  We were just everyone’s entertainment!

And it produced this GEM of a photo and a moment when Ella pulled her toy phone out of her purse and made a call. Because she’s a super busy business lady just getting caught up on some calls during her commute. Obviously.

On Wednesday Ella had a special birthday day (whaaa that girl is almost 3. outrageous!) with her Grandma and Aunt Jamie and cousin Meah … so Max and I went to the pool!  We pretended he was an only child in a life that was simple and fun and full of one-on-one attention.

And I even let him hang out naked (with a diaper, cuz I’m no dummy!) and eat fruit loops in the car … Max heaven!

So happy to be nakey!

Just kockin’ back some drinks…

And then on Thursday, we went to watch two of my friends play some rugby and they LOVED it… they cheered (Max just thought cheering was yelling aimlessly at any moment he felt like it. so funny) and ran around and played with a rugby ball and got lots of attention from other spectators. What more could they ask for?

Happy Friday!! ::KD::

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