Denver Family Photographer :: Welcome to the World Lucas!

I’ve known the Hormuth family for a while now … since their oldest girl, Eliza, was 6 months old and was in a play-group with 6 month old Ella. :)  Eliza is now 2 and a half and 2nd daughter, Brynna, who’s newborn photos I took a little over a year ago, is now almost 1 and a half!! And they ventured straight on into crazy land by adding their newest addition Lucas!

Given that their kiddos are almost the same age as Ella and Max and they now have a 1 month old baby, I just can’t even imagine the chaos their day-to-day lives must be.  That said, these kids are some of the most adorable, sweet, loving, and well-loved kids I’ve photographed!  The Hormuth family seems to be making the whole 3-kids-under-3 thing work out just fine!  And not even just fine, they make it look easy and fun!  I had a blast hanging out there for a few hours to take some photos of all the kids, and little Lucas is already soo loved by his big sisters!  These kids are going to have so much fun growing up together! :)

Check out the new Hormuth clan of kiddos:

Brynna is very interested in Lucas, and I think Eliza is just hoping the sibling-addition “on” switch is off for a while :)

Pretty Eliza! I can’t believe how big and beautiful she’s gotten!

And sweet darling Brynna. Also can’t believe how big and beautiful she is getting!

Little Lucas needed to get a full belly, so I had lots of time to take some photos of the girls…

LOVE this one…

Cuties!  They think I’m funny :)

Then it was time for the little man’s photo shoot!

So handsome!

baby toes!

How sweet is Miss Eliza with her baby brother …

How cute is he?!!

Baby Boys in collared shirts is the cutest!

One last shot of the sweet little love.

Thanks for having me Hormuth family!  And I can’t wait for you family shoot this fall to see how big everyone is by then! ::KD::

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