Denver Family Photographer :: The Malnati Family!

Let me just start by saying, I am in awe of this adorable family.  They have three kids under 3.  And as a nanny of just two kids, whom are about the same ages as these kids, just minus a set of twins, I can say that it’s simply NOT EASY to care for that many little ones, and I have to care for one less kid!  But they do it amazingly (and they are smart enough to bring along grandma to help :)) and it’s just awesome to see how happy and smart and sweet and loved these little ones are!

I actually met Courtney when she was a bridesmaid in Brooke and Dave’s wedding last summer. When she told me she had a little girl and newborn twins I told her she had to call me up for photos because I looove me some cute kiddos!  Then a few months ago when I got an email from her I was so excited to get a chance to meet her family. Unfortunately luck was not on our side and we had to reschedule THREE times (due to crappy weather. cold and rainy + little ones = disaster!) before finally getting our luck back for the fourth time!  And it was perfect! The weather was heavenly and all the kids were ready to go with big smiles and cuteness!

Meet the Malnati’s:

Oldest, 2 1/2 year old Charlotte!

and twin #1, 1-year-old Henry!

and twin #2, 1-year-old Amelia!

I Loooove this family shot!  And the twins are holding hands, which is just the cutest.

Love these too.

Pretty Charlotte!

Handsome Henry!

And gorgeous Amelia!

Tutu tushy! :)

The twins ran off so we did a shot with Miss Charlotte and her parents… and one of just the parents!

Love this one!!

Charlotte wasn’t to fond of having to wrangle her siblings :)   But this is so cute anyway

The kiddos!

This is a favorite.

A couple more of each kid…

Oh, I love this one!

Sometimes photos are so cute even when no one is looking at the camera.  The girls are just having a chat and Henry is probably trying to figure out how to escape and be a boy!

One lucky grandma with all these grandkids to love!

The kids were all very interested in my sunglasses so I let them each try them on…

I just ADORE the one of Henry and his Dad. Perfection. And he’s pretty cute with his mommy too. He was such a cuddle bug!

And of course we did a girls shot:

And got Daddy with the girls

And one last adorable family shot! Love it!

I’m so glad we finally got a great day for photos Malnati family!  I hope to see you all again soon! ::KD::

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