Friday’s in Nannyland – Pneumonia

This week I was only with the kids two days because Monday was Memorial day and the kids left for Florida yesterday so we only had Tuesday and Wednesday to hang out (funny that I refer to my job as hanging out :)) so it was a short week, but we packed in A LOT.  Max had been feeling a little sick over the weekend and seemed to be getting progressively worse so we made an appointment for 1pm on Tuesday with the pediatrician. Usually it’s pretty much in and out and either the kids are fine or they write up a quick prescription and off we go. Not this time.

When the doctor got out a stethoscope to listen to Max breathe he got REAL serious and listened around for probably a solid 5 minutes, which is very unusual. That’s what I was like hmm maybe he actually is sick and we won’t just be sent home feeling silly for even coming in. Then the doctor said Max’s lungs were very clogged up and he was having a really hard time breathing.  So they tested his breathing with a little finger thing (technical term) and Max was cool with that… but then they said they wanted to try a nebulizer on him. Which would be kind of scary for a kid who you could explain it to, but to a 1 1/2 year old it’s just a big scary machine that goes over your face and pours out smokey mist. The dude FLIPPED out when we turned it on and put it in his face. Then the nurse just left me there to try to hold him down and keep the mask on his face while he screamed bloody murder and tried to claw the mask off. For like 10 minutes. Awesome thanks.

Luckily after about 5 minutes of fighting me he calmed down and then almost fell asleep!  The poor kid was soo tired and just wanted to sleep because he felt like crap and it was already almost 2pm now, which is nap time, so he was exhausted and miserable.

They then tested his breathing again to see if they nebulizer helped at all.  It hadn’t.  So that was a terrible 10 minutes wasted. Then the doctor came back and said Max needed to go to the hospital and get a chest x-ray to confirm what they suspected … that he had pneumonia. So now it’s 2:30 and we have to go to a whole other place to do more scary things to a poor unsuspecting sick baby.  I felt terrible. I was also terrified that at any second we were going to have a major meltdown from two kids who were about to be long-past nap time.

Somehow though, both kids were soo good and (mostly) happy and well behaved.  Ella was awesome and so helpful and was actually pretty proud of herself for not taking a nap and getting lots of praise for being good.  I think she really understood that Max was pretty sick and that it wasn’t really about her.  She was so concerned for him too. When we got to the peds office, the nurses were out in the parking lot eating lunch and Ella looks and them and asks me “who gunna help little buddy? … all the doctors is having lunch!”  Sweet girl. And then when the doctor came into the room she says to him “you a doctor? you need to help my brother… he soooo sick.”  She was such a doll.  She also kept pretending she was the doctor and she would climb into the chair the doctor would sit in and she would say “what I help you do?” and I would say “Oh, doctor Ella, can you help Max? He’s very sick and he wants to feel better!” and she would pause and look around and then say “I can’t help him… I don’t have any tools!”  I loved doctor Ella:

She got a little confused though about the going to the hospital part because recently her cousin had a surgery and so she had heard about hospitals, but in the context of having surgery, so she was convinced we were taking Max to have surgery. “We got the hops-tal for Max surgeries?” she kept asking me on the way.  So there is a chance she still thinks we just popped into the hospital real fast to get Max a surgery haha.

Then we went to Walgreens to drive through and get Max’s medicine and when they pharmacist sent it out to us she got SO excited and said “MAXY! We get you some med-sin!! You gunna be ALL BETTER!”  She was pumped. haha.  And by the time we got home it was 4:30pm and a nap was out of the question.  So I told Ella she could watch a show while I gave Max his medicine and she gave me a HUGE hug and said “ohh thank you Katie… I soo happy to not take a nap!”  Haha Ella. I told her to enjoy it because it wasn’t going to be a common occurrence. :)

It was a crazy crazy day for sure. And I felt terrible for my little man. But the medicine started working fast and he already felt so much better on Wednesday!  Yay!  Have a great weekend everyone! ::KD::

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