Friday’s in Nannyland – Moving!

This is going to be a fairly short (emphasis on fairly, because we all know I’m long winded. well, long typed.) Nannyland post that I am actually writing on Wednesday night when I should be packing for my trip!  It’s scheduled to post on Friday though so all 3 of you followers won’t be disappointed. :)   I am leaving tomorrow (yesterday for you reading this now. thursday. confusing. yikes.) for Columbus, Ohio (woo? never been… should be interesting!) to watch my old college rugby team play at Nationals!  Which is pretty amazing! More on that when I get back!

BUT while I am gone this weekend, Ella and Max will be moving (finally!) to their new house!  Their current (soon to be old) house sold a while ago, but they hadn’t found a new house yet, and then when they did get their new house they needed to do a little bit of work to it, so it’s been a long time that the kids have known about and visited and been excited about their new house.

Ella is going to finally get her big girl bed and the kids will each have their own room (no more max sleeping in a pack n play! haha poor dude) and there is a big yard to play in and two playgrounds/parks within a block!  So we are all super excited!  It’s crazy to me that I will watch the kids tomorrow (thursday… are you following this??) in the house they have been in since I’ve known them and then I will leave for my trip and when I come back to work on Monday they will be in their new house!!!,

They are having movers come and do most of the work so there hasn’t been too much of a change in their lives this week with things being packed up.  Except for the big TV in the living room which was taken over to the new house last week. So the new set up is this little tv on a box, and actually the kids kind of love it!  That is after Ella got over the shock. (“That a small TV!  Where my big TV?!  We need to go buy a NEW BIG TV right now!”)  So this is how TV watching has been happening…

These are from one of the parks by the new house (actually it’s directly across the street which is awesome).  Ella loves to swing there. Max likes to throw rocks. Because he’s part neanderthal apparently.  A well-dressed tiny rock-throwing caveman.

I loved Ella’s outfit this day so I made her take a picture before we left for the mall that day and she actually smiled nice so I love that one on the right. You might take note of the pink and purple bow in it?  Well at the mall we then found these awesome silver sparkly ones, which obviously matched her outfit much better (“Katie, dees match my tutu and silvery shoes!”) so we bought them and then I wanted a picture to show her mom and THIS is what she gave me. All “please sir, may I have some more?” Oliver Twist.

Today (wednesday) she FINALLY let me braid her hair and it’s the CUTEST!  I didn’t get a picture until after her nap so it’s a bit messy but oh well.  Also she loved singing today (also still wednesday). I heard rousing renditions of the ABC’s, old mcdonald, row row row your boat, and several jake and the neverland pirates songs.

And for the day’s dose of randomness…. Max being amazed by Chris’s HUGE birthday present (can you guess what it is??) all wrapped up! He’s emphasizing how big is it.  Also, Ella LOVES the mirror aisle at Target.  She loves checking herself out.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend, and if you feel like it cross your fingers for the WSU women’s rugby team to win!! ::KD::

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