Friday’s in Nannyland – I Think Ella Likes the Color Pink

SO today is a super big day! And not in nanny land though! (I guess maybe a little bit since Ella looooves Chris maybe more than I do. She calls him HER boyfriend.) Today is Chris’s LAST DAY of having to take IV meds!!! 8 whole weeks he had to sit for 45 minutes every single day and have an IV drip into his arm. But no more after today! Yippie!!

Okay back to the munchkins!  Now look, I know there are all sorts of studies and articles and books and such about nature vs nurture and about gender roles and yaddda yadddda. I know. I get it.  We don’t really force anything girly just on Ella and anything boy-y just on Max. In fact, Max’s favorite book is called “Sweetheart Fairies: Lily’s Twinkly Bedtime” and it’s a sparkly (literally it’s decorated with glitter and sparkles) pink book. We let him read it 100 times a day and we don’t judge. His favorite toy is the swiffer. Dude loves to swiffer all over the house. And another of his favorite toys is a large pink rubber bouncy ball.  It’s cool. Sometimes he likes “girl” things. And Ella occasionally plays this game with said ball and calls it “baseball” (which really consists of her throwing the large pink rubber bouncy ball at me and chasing it when I “bat” it away with my hand. It’s a super fun game. That was sarcasm. Having a giant rubber ball thrown at me, albeit by a tiny child, doesn’t fall under the FUN category in my life.)  So she will occasionally do “boy” things.

But really. Truly. Ella LOVES the color pink. All things pink. (And girly… like dresses and princesses and baby dolls.) She just loves it all. Completely on her own. And if somethings not pink then she wants to know why it is not pink and if it’s possible to make it pink.  Her closet is full of other colors, but she won’t wear them. Just pink. She will branch out in clothes colors, but ONLY if it’s a pretty dress.  Her words.  If you pull out a t-shirt and jeans she says “Das not a pretty dress for me.” and won’t wear it. So pretty much everyday she is in a dress. And if the dress itself isn’t pink, then it has pink designs on it, or she has pink tights/legging on, and a pink bow or pony-tail holder. Though she did bust out THIS outfit to “exercise” with her mom and I the other day (I put exercise in quotes not because Carin and I actually don’t work out… trust me, we do! She’s kicking my butt into shape. But Ella just watches Sesame Street or plays with toys while we work out haha.)

But outfits aside… everything else is pink. Or, in her mind, should be pink. She has pink balls, pink baby dolls, a pink baby doll stroller, pink fairy wands, pink dress up high-heels, pink books, pink princess tent, pink underwear (oh remember how we are potty training?? Yup she’s officially in big-girl underwear, but only wears the pink princess ones.), pink plates, pink utensils, pink cups…. pink pink pink.

The other day she was taking her baby (baby Cinderella) to the zoo in the pink stroller. I asked her what kind of thing she was going to see at the zoo with her baby. She told me “Katie, I see all the pink things at the zoo. It’s a pink zoo.”  Oh. Okay. Totally been to one of those…

Then the other other day we were hanging out outside and she was just talking up a storm about who even knows what. I was too busy chasing Max and keeping him out of the street. He’s trouble. Anyway, she was chatting away and I felt bad that I wasn’t really listening so I threw out a question to show a little interest, and I randomly asked “Hey El, what’s your favorite color???” (Honestly, you know how teachers always told you there is no such thing as a dumb question.  Well, there are. And that little gem was one of them. Who asks that of a child who literally lives and breathes their favorite color. Dumb.) She just looks at me. Like I’m dumb. Which I am because again really?! And she says “pink my favorite color.”  Duh. So I elaborate with “Hmm well what do you think about yellow?” and she pauses before saying “Oh yeah. Yellow. Yellow is my favorite pink color.”  hahaha. Oh well played sweet child. Well played.

Please note that while her dress is gray and white, it IS still a dress. and her bow had to be pink and she has on her pink dress-up heels and has her baby Cinderella in the pink stroller. SUCH a girl!

Here’s some random baby cuteness:  On Monday and Tuesday this week it was SO warm here in Denver (Like 70’s!) so we were outside a lot! and it just so happened we had used up a bottle of the squirt kind of ketchup… so I had the brilliant idea to fill it with water and use it like a squirt gun! :)

Ella LOVES Panera. Namely the broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl.  She loves it so much that no matter where we are or what time of day it is, if she sees a Panera she wants to go get “dat soup and bread bowl peeeeease?”  ALSO Ella loves to hang out with Carin and I when we work out sometimes together at night. And she’s very interested in the whole process. So when I was changing into my workout clothes, she said she wanted to  have her exercise clothes too. The end result was prettttty adorable!  And it was the first time I have seen her in pants and a t-shirt in forever!

Little man creepin’ out the window when the mailman came. Hah! Can you imagine how creepy this would be for an adult to do?? But when a baby does it, it’s just so cute!

He’s the cutest. Eatin’ his bread and holdin’ his water. Just in case the bread makes him real thirsty. Hah. And on the right there he is looking for doggies outside. He looooves doggies. And loves to hang out outside and watch for them.

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Tam - Ella is truly a child after my own heart. If Carin ever wants to give her away, I call first in line.

Adorable pictures, as always. Maybe I should start working out with you and Carin! I seriously need someone to motivate me.

Leslie!!! - Max’s face wih the ketchup is so flipping cute.

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