Friday’s in Nannyland – Making a Rainbow Tie-dye Cake!

Good news friends! I did not get sick!! Famous last words though… so I will probably be on my death bed tomorrow. Also, you may or may not know, that last weekend I took a SURPRISE trip to Winona (the most wonderful small town in Minnesota where I went to college) that really wasn’t that much of a surprise since in the end pretty much everyone but ONE person knew about it. It was our whole goal to just surprise her so it was cool. Until she found out like 3 hours before we got there. OH WELL!  I still had SUCH a fun weekend pretended to be a college kid again. (Seriously, why did I ever rush to graduate in 4 years. Sooo overrated to be done in years. Stay as long as money/your parents/normal social behavior allows!!!) But so knowing I had this big surprise weekend in Winona planned, I REALLY REALLY was desperate not to get sick. Thankfully I made it through it all, no harm no foul! :)

Anyyyyyway.  THIS week Ella and Max were also feeling a bit better. Although Max had his 15 month (WHEN DID HE GET SO BIG OH MY GOSH!) check up this week and it turns out he has had an ear infection for a while now and we didn’t know. The dude is TOUGH. He just doesn’t really even care if he’s in pain apparently, because we had no idea. Also, if you have never attended a child’s routine check up you know that they have them hang out in their diaper for most of it while they get all measured and weighed. So pretty much Max thinks check ups are the best. things. ever. Because he LOVES to hang out nakey and run around all free as a bird. And since he has an ear infection he didn’t even have to get any shots. So really he was like lets go to the doctor ALL THE TIME!

And while both kids were feeling better this week they both still have a nasty-sounding cough so I felt kind of bad taking them in out in public where I just get mean looks from other people who think I am infecting them with some horrible child disease. (To which I would just like to say to them, UM HI does it sound like I have a cough/am dying??? No. And if I can manage to avoid this illness while being with them 9 hours a day, 5 days a week and having them coughing in my face and my food, I think you, perfect stranger who see them in passing for like 10 seconds, will survive!)  But still I resisted the urge to go out in public for the most part, so we found fun things to do inside instead!!

Enter the genius that is all-things-Pinterst (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you are not on Pinterest, you are missing out!)  I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to “arts and craft for kids” which has all sorts of things on it that I’ve found to do with the kiddos!  And since Ella LOVES to help cook and bake (like seriously, LOVES. there are not many things she gets more excited about than when I say, “Ella do you want to help me make lunch/dinner/banana bread/cake etc.) I decided that this week would be perfect to make this awesome rainbow tie-dye cake recipe I found!  This was the perfect thing to do with her. It’s so many of her favorite things. She loves rainbows and colors and cake and baking.  Though it did make her think it was her birthday. “Katie we make a rainbow cake for my BIRTHDAY!!!”  “Well, really El we’re just making a rainbow cake for fun, it’s not really anyone’s birthday.”  “oh. yeah. It’s just a cake for my birthday” …. Either she REALLY didn’t get what I was saying or she was just ignoring me and claiming this week her honorary birthday week.

So we took lots of pictures during our cake making process. She really can totally do all of the pouring and stuff by herself just not the measuring… because let’s be real that would yield disastrous results. But once I measure it out into the measuring cup she pours it right in. And she can crack the eggs and open them herself too. Sometimes we get a stray egg shell in the mix, but that’s why we do the eggs first, so we can pick those out :)


Then we poured the batter into 6 different bowls (for the 6 rainbow colors) …. at this point Ella was really enthralled since this was a turn for the different from our usual baking processes. And Max was just excited to be allowed to climb up the step ladder and watch us :)

Then we added food coloring to each bowl!!  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple!

Then we poured it into the pan in order. We made the most of Red and then a little less for each color until Purple had just a little bit, because if you make them all even amounts the top ones would over take the other colors.  It looked pretty fun though!! and Ella loves watching her things bake in the oven! :)

And she LOOOOVES licking the batter. :)

All cooked!!  And Ella was super excited because she thought it was time to EAT the cake (also something she looooves) but this bad boy had just come out of the oven and was still rather hot. Plus it wasn’t frosted yet so she had to wait until after dinner. Which made her declare she was hungry for dinner at 4:30 pm because she knew she could have cake only after she ate dinner. hah. She’s no dummy.

The finished product!! All frosted and rainbow sprinkled!  It was fun that the inside rainbow party was totally hidden by frosting so it was excited to cut into it and not know which colors you were going to get!! :)  Max was, again, just happy to hang out!

And here’s how it looked when we cut a piece!!  I think next time we make this I won’t do all 6 colors because it’s hard to get all the colors in one piece.  Next time I will probably just pick 4 colors I like together and try that :) This piece was missing the purple and yellow…  BUT IT WAS SO YUMMY!!

YUM! :) And sooo fun!

Happy Friday!! I am sooooo excited because Chris can ski again so we are headed up to the mountains to ski finally! ::KD::

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