Friday’s in Nannyland – Why kids are cute.

This week has been rough. Like a total collision of all things exhausting.  Two sick kids going through their own little “life struggles”… plus this is my 3 week back on the work-out/eat-better train… so I get home each night and I am ready for bed at 7pm.

Ella has shown very little of her “terrible two’s” side until the last week or so, when she decided to just explode with it. She’s become rather stubborn, and choses not to listen to me, and will respond to questions that she doesn’t want to answer with either “huhhhhhhh?” or a noise that somewhat resembles the sound “blehhh” … I know she is just testing the limits, and I know all kids do this, but she has seriously been SUCH. A. GOOD. KID. for so long now. Like picture perfect the best and easiest and happiest and lovey-ist. So this turn around is rough. Plus add in a runny nose and cough? Oh man.

Then you have Max who is popping through 4 teeth (hopefully his last new teeth for a while) which makes him SO crabby.  This kid started teething at about 4 months old and got a new tooth every month until he turned 1, until he had a mouth full of 12 teeth!!  And it made for plenty of terrible crabby baby days over those 8 months.  Then we had a lovely break for the last month or so. He has been the cutest, happiest little guy (albeit a tornado of activity and destruction :)) recently. Until this week.  These new teeth are coming and the only thing that stop him from having a total meltdown 24/7 it seems like is holding him and walking around. The kid is no spring chicken either! So my arms can’t take hours on hours of holding him and pacing.  And then he has that same runny nose and cough AND he had a pretty high fever for a bit too. I feel so bad for him, but going on hour 9 of my day with him and he’s just screeeeaming, it’s hard right?

But this is the thing about crabby/bad/sad/angry/sick kids… they are still just kids and inevitably will bust out the FUNNIEST or CUTEST thing ever and they remind you that you love them.  Obviously this is why kids are made to be cute. Because without cuteness/funniness… well I bet a lot more kids would be left on the side of the road!  Kiddddddddding!  Seriously though, just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore this week, one of these little gems happened and I just start laughing and it’s all better!

Yesterday we were at the park. It happened to have tons of squirrels running around. And instead of climbing the playground, or going down slides, or swinging in the swings. Max proceeded to spend 20 solid minutes chasing squirrels. Soo freaking funny and adorable.

Also. One of Max’s worst times of day is after his afternoon nap, before his mom gets home. I think he’s just sick of me/getting hungry/wants his mom, so he proceeds to be a huge punk. Well I decided I was just going to turn on one of those music channels on the tv real loud and dance with him… so I turn on the 90’s station (haha, at least I am going to enjoy myself people.) and it’s Toni Braxton’s “Un-break My Heart” … and the kid LOVES. IT.  He danced and danced and laughed  and “sang along” with a series of baby ahh’s and oooh’s. I thought maybe he just was happy to have music on but then it changed to some madonna song, and he was over it.  I died.

And Ella? Well yes she does do the “huhhhh?” and the “blehh” when she doesn’t want to answer questions. But occasionally when she really truly is confused by what I am asking her or she really does not have an answer (“Ella, how do I make this pasta?”  “Ella, how are we going to fix the TV?”  “Ella what’s the meaning of life”) she will respond with “It’s hard to tell…” like a little human 8ball!  It’s absolutely hysterical.

These are the things that remind me that these nuggets can be adorable little sweethearts just as quickly as they can be whiny crabby stinkers.  And mostly it’s a great job!  It just has given me a huge internal debate about having my own kids. When these two are having a bad day I never want my own. When they are chasing squirrels, dancing to Toni Braxton, and being a little 8ball … well then I want to steal them and keep them forever! :)

And here’s a phone pic of each of them.  Max doing what Max does best… making a mess and looking innocent (and not wearing pants):

And Ella licking the spoon from when we made banana bread!  She looooves to help cook and we make banana bread every month pretty much because it’s our favorite!


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Jaime - On this note, maybe I won’t go to the mountains! But the are so darn cute nevertheless!

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