Frodo. Food. Fashion.

What do those three things have in common?? Well nothing unless you are talking about the food and fashions of Frodo in Lord of the Rings. But I, in fact, am not!  Really that just happens to be a fun way to use alliteration to summarize my weekend! :)

You may or may not know that Chris recently (in November) broke his collarbone in a few spots and had surgery to screw it all back together. And well then he got an infection in the screw in his bone so he had to have a few more surgeries. No fun.  And now he is pretty much back to square 1 of being pretty much unable to do pretty much anything besides sit around.  So that means no more skiing for him until AT LEAST March. Which is upsetting to him yes, but more so I think it makes me angry because when I started learning to ski last year I hated it… and then this year he convinced me to buy a $400 season pass at the last minute. And then he broke his collarbone. But then two weekends ago he was doing well so we went and skied. Two whole times. And you know what? I LOVED IT! And then the next day he found out about the infection and had surgery. Now he’s out for 6-8 weeks. So I am left to ski without him. hah. ugh.

But so what all of that means is that this weekend we decided not to head up to the mountains because otherwise Chris just has to sit around alone while everyone else is skiing. Sad for him. So we stayed home. All weekend. With really NOTHING TO DO!  And it was gloooorioussss! So relaxing and fun!

Really we didn’t just do NOTHING. We decided to finnalllyyy watch all three Lord of the Rings movies in a row!  I have never seen them (long story involving my dad taking me and my brother and cousins to see the first one and then my little cousin getting real scared and me having to take him out and sit in the lobby with him for that whole long movie and then I just never saw the other ones) and we have been trying forever to plan a time to see them all in a row and it’s been harrrddd to find the time. You know, they are like 3 hours long EACH. and since I do shoots on weekend all Spring, Summer and Fall, and then we ski a lot in Winter… plus, often times I travel on the occasional weekend I have totally off… it was just hard to find the time.

So this weekend we rented them on Friday and watched 1 and 2 on Saturday and watched 3 on Sunday!  I pretty much LOVED them except for a few things. 1) They are LONG. and I struggled to pay attention. We had to stop in the middle of each of them and take a food break (more on that later!). hah. 2) Frodo is one annoying dude. I get that he has the whole “hey this evil ring is around my neck and it makes me all angry and moody and evil” but commmeeee on. and at the end (if you HAVEN’T seen the movie skip this part!) when he is standing right there on the edge of the lava hole in the volcano and he’s just like… yeah this whole journey has been for nothing because I think I’ll just keep the ring… I wanted to jump in the tv and push him in the lava. Pretty much when that big spider attacked him I started wanting him to die. and I am disappointed he never did. Sorry if you like him! But he is a whiney annoying DUMB dummy head. He just did so many dumb things. Overall though, I loved the movies! And I loved Merry and Pippen (Charlie from LOST!) and Legolas and Aragorn! :)

Okay so that’s my thoughts on Frodo. and Lord of the Rings. And now onto the good stuff … FOOD! Since we were staying in for the weekend I decided to get a couple of delicious recipes to make. I decided to make my mom’s french onion soup Saturday night… and it was aaaaamazing. as ever. I took a couple of photos, first of the onions pre-cooking and almost post-cooking…

Then the onions were added into the soup and cooked. Then poured into an oven-proof bowl, topped with bread and swiss cheese, and broiled!  SOO amazingly yummy. and gone in less than 24 hours. :)  The recipe is a secret family recipe (hah), but if you’re REALLY nice to me and ask I can mayyyybe find it in me to share it with you!

Then on Sunday I made this phenomenal recipe for honey bourbon pulled chicken (I don’t eat pork so I was trilled to find a recipe for chicken!).  And when I started making it, I was getting worried I would hate it because I HATE the smell of Jim Beam (which was our bourbon whiskey of choice) and mixing the ingredients was making me want to vomit. But, I pushed through and when I took the first bite of this sandwich, I almost died of happiness!  I even loved it so much I made it again last night. 2 days later haha.

And it’s so easy because you really just throw all the ingredients in a crock pot with chicken breasts, and BAM later that day you have food all ready!  The one thing I did differently the 2nd time around was that the recipe says to cook the chicken for 8 hours, but when I checked on it at 6.5 hours on Sunday I found the sauce around the sides was burning and evaporating way too much. So we ended up having to just take it out and eat it early and it was totally fine!  So this time around I cooked it on low for 6 hours and then just turned it to warm for the last hour and ate it after 7 hours. Perfection!

And last, but not least, I rounded out my weekend with some fashion!  Tam of Hello, Framboise came by with some more outfits for pictures! And I loved them all. I also loved being out in the 70 degree weather and the lovely sunshine! :)

I love the contrast between the fun, colorful, casual look above and the neutral, sophisticated look here:

Love the sun!

Ohhh teal!! YUM! Also you would never believe that this was shot in DU’s plow and sand pit lot haha. That, my friends, is the joy of amazing light!

I hope you all had as great a weekend as me!! ::KD::

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LESLIE! - ahahaha i love that our opinion on LOTR is basically the same…mainly Frodo is Emo Harry in 5 and CHARLIE IS IN IT. that’s all. so wonderful. want to see the Hobbit KATES in it!!!!

Carin - I can’t wait for French Onion soup – my favorite. Does Alex have to go out of town again??????

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