The Best Photos of 2011 :: Part 2 (September-December)!!

Are you ready for Part 2??? It’s actually even bigger than Part 1 (which you don’t want to miss so go check it out!)… even though it’s less of the year!! Mostly because by the end of August I was completely booked through the end of November and it was such a crazy Fall, in the best way!!  With so many new people to meet and old people to see again!  And while I have been loving my easy-peasy calm December, where I can actually go to bed at a reasonable hour and get lunch with people and see movies and have a normal life… I wouldn’t trade those crazy few months of shoots because I have the best clients to photograph and they allowed me to create some amazingly memorable photos from the second half of the year!!  Get comfy because there are A LOT of photos comin’ your way!! :)

My September kicked off with a bang with Brooke and Dave’s wonderful, sweet wedding!

The boy got ready well watching Dumb and Dumber… LOVE IT!

Lola, Lars and their Mommy were back for round 2!

Need this on a canvas!

Sarah and Miranda did a joint senior session in the mountains. And I loved it!!  Sarah:


Miranda!!  In yellow, my fav!!!

Ahhh perfect sunlight!

The Hormuth’s did a family shoot!

Byrnna (who had newborn photos is part 1) was soo much bigger and adorable!

The Winkler family came back for a 2nd shoot… and I loved them even more this time around!!

Handsome Brody. Lovethisone.

Action shot of the kiddos!

Shannon’s senior pictures in Golden!!

Amazing modeling girl!

Oh Steph and Zac!!  They were the easiest people to photograph because they just have so much love for each other!

I adore this. And it will be a canvas in my future office!

Jessica and Carey. Ah what can I say. You guys are the best.


And this?! I just die.

I took a quick trip home in October… and I loooved the dream sunset light coming across the lake

Yup, need this on a canvas.

Poor Sally and Jes had SNOW on their wedding day (in the beginning of October. craziness). But they made a serious effort to get good photos, and ohhh boy did we get good photos! Hard to narrow it down!

stunnnning bride!

You guys are wonderful

How great was this venue!?

And that view as the storm passed!


Oh I love this family.


Mommy Sommer and baby Declan!  He was just a newborn in Part 1! So big these days!

The Hatley family FINALLY let me get them in front of my camera! And it was worth the wait! They were amazing!


This is just. too good for words. In fact, it is the cover of my 2011 kids photography portfolio book! :)

Sweet Miss Eva and her family!

A top 5 family photo from the year for sure

Love me some babies in swings!

Mr. Max!!

By this point it had been a while since I had done newborn photos so I was excited to meet miss Avery and she was just so precious!

Christine and Trent were the perfect couple to end my 2011 engagement photos with. I loved it alllll!

You know what I am going to say… Need this on a canvas!!!

love. so much.

I know, I know… three kissy pictures in a row… but how could I not?!

Handsome brothers Tyler and Caleb!

Miss Ella the cowgirl ballerina on Halloween!

Sweet cuddly chubby baby William!!

The Hindman Family won a session with me in an auction and I am soo glad they did because they were not only sweet and wonderful, but so easy to photograph! The siblings:

Oh, I love love this.

I was blessed to get a chance to vacation to NYC in November with boyfriend Chris and his sister, Tamara… loved it!

stunning view


The Brewer family are some of my favorites… and I was in love with this session!! Squishy baby cheeks!!

AHH! Okay A) yup, I need a canvas of this. B) so does Sydney’s house! and C) everyone should get a photo like this of their little ones. for real.

Love to capture moments like this… whole hand in the mouth!

Around our trip to NYC Tam started a fashion blog… check it out!

Pahahha…. Max wants no part of fashion :)

The Nielsen Family!

Make this a canvas too! (good thing I don’t actually get a canvas every time I say that… I would be sooo broke)

Happy baby Nicholas!

Ohhhkaayy, the Gottsackers officially win super fans of the century. They have had sooo many shoots with me (2 senior shoots, a family shoot, margaret’s shoot, 3 (or 4??) grand-baby shoots… yeah super fans!) and over Thanksgiving they were back for grand baby’s round 3 (or really is it 4??)!  Happy Cormac:

The boys in the leaves!! Perfection!

Mr. Declan!!

Pahhaa Ella and Max…

Max turned 1 at the end of November and ohhh boy did we celebrate!!

A toddling baby. Balloons. Sun and snow. Snowy butt. Wooly hat. LOVE!!!

Gosh, this is just so great. Happy Max!

Hey Little Buddy!

Oh and more of Tam’s fashions… she is letting me live out my secret desire to be a print ad fashion photographer :)

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah (it also starts today. as Ella has told me about 5647 times :))! Happy whatever holiday you love and celebrate!!  I can’t wait to see what 2012 holds for me!  ::KD::

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