The Best Photos of 2011 :: Part 1 (January-August)!!

Well, another year for KD Photography has come and gone. And it has been a pretty amazing year! Looking back through all my photos from the year was really fun and it always surprises me which photos I think are my favorites right after a session and how many of those stay my favorite by the end of the year and which ones change!  It’s also really funny how the whole time I am selecting these photos for the best-of posts, I am dreaming of the day when I can make some of these into big canvases to hang in my well-lit (with natural light of course) home office in my super-big lovely future house. :)

But back to reality, I also love going through all of my shoots and remembering all of the awesome people I met, the people who have come back for more shoots, the lives I photographed from birth to childhood to graduating high school to the beginning of new families with two people getting married, and of course the places I visited and re-visited throughout the year!  If you want to go see last year’s best-of posts you can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

I have been truly, and amazingly blessed with my clients over the past 2 years, and with the best family and friends to support me!  Oh and PS! I will be doing a lot more updating and giving info for shoots and availability over on my facebook business page in 2012 … so if you don’t already you should head over and LIKE IT!

At the very beginning of this year I had one of my favorite shoots to date doing some photos for one of my best friends Margaret and our favorite city MILWAUKEE! Pretty lady.

And my other bestie Leslie came too!

I love this one.

The frozen Milwaukee Lakefront

This one is on the top of the list to get canvased :)

January also took me on a trip to Crested Butte, CO … which was a stunningly gorgeous 3-hour car drive from Denver!

Little Miss Ella started out her 2011 with a new baby brother so she was learning a whole new way of life! ;)

My little man!  One of the most amazing things about looking back through my 2011 photos was watching Max grow from tiny 6lb infant to a big, crazy, destructive, adorable toddler!  How precious he used to be… (hah, I miss the days when he just slept all day and lounged in your arms… now he is a little tornado!)

In February my favorite team on this earth, the Green Bay Packers, made an amazing playoff run and won the Super Bowl… I had technically gone to this game (my first game ever!) in December, but the Packers went on a win steak that took them all the way through the Super Bowl and I am superstitious about things so I didn’t post my game photos until after they won it all!  So of course I added it gets to be apart of my best-of 2011! :)

2011 saw the most newborns I have ever photographed… and I LOVE IT!!! Miss Brynna was the first of 2011, in March, and was just the sweetest girl.  This was the first chance I had to photograph this family, but I did it again later i the year (you will see them in part 2!) and, since they are expecting another baby (wow!) I hope to see them again soon! :)

I love to capture photos that really show a family as they are… and I love this one of the Chens!

A few more of Ella and Max

This one is a canvas in their house now… and I love it.

The Hurley’s had me do family photos when this next little guy was just starting to grow in his Mommy’s belly, so I loved coming back to capture his newborn photos!  How adorable is Mr. Everett!?

One of my favorites!

I went back to the Sullivan’s to capture Miss Alyssa when she was almost 1! These two are some of my absolute favorites!!!

Mr. Declan came into this world at the end of March and this is one of my favorite Mommy/baby photos ever!!!  You will see more of this adorable family later in Part 2 as well!!

In the beginning of April I took advantage of the amazing last days of great snow and sunny warm weather in the Mountains …

Did some shooting for Mark and his friends ….

Pretty awesome

We did a “cooking” theme photo shoot for Ella and Max! :)

Love this!!! This is also a canvas in their kitchen now… LOVE!

hahhah this little photo of Max cracks me up!

Miss Emma was born at the very end of April and I did her newborn photos right in the beginning of May… I love this one!

My little man got two teeth in May and his personality really started to come through at 6-months-old… The cutest!

Hilary and Doug had their engagement photos done (finally! we had to reschedule so many times! :))

These two of Hilary and Doug are very similar… I know this… but I just adore both of them and want them both blown up real big to hang up! :)

I went back to the Harber’s house to photograph Mr. Blake’s newborn photos!! This is my favorite newborn photo of ever. For real.

these are pretty cute too :)

The Kleiber family were my first, and only, set of triplets… and let’s be honest, I was super nervous about getting any good photos of such a big family! But they were so so great and it was so easy and I LOVE the results!!

How gorgeous is Maddie. Stunning!

Umm these two…

The awesome Legge Family met me in DU in June for their family photos… again I was nervous… because a good photo of a family of 6 (with 4 kids under 8!) is no easy task… but once again this family made it so easy for me! and I even ended up with TWO shots of the whole family that I love!

I met with Brooke and Dave in lovely Boulder, CO for their engagement shoot!

Love this view of Denver! :)

It was amazing to help college friends Ashley and Bill celebrate their wedding as their photographer! This is one of my all-time favorite ring shots! :)

They are goofy and I love it!

A favorite wedding toast shot!  How awesome are the reactions?!


You saw a Alyssa a little bit up in this post… here she is again because all 4 generations of women in her family were in town so we did some photos of the 4 ladies… I love this one!!

Also in June, little Jake arrived and we did his newborn photos… love this one of his whole family just totally smitten with him!

Gorgeous little Devin had her baby naming and this is one of my favorite baby shots EVER!  I mean you can’t beat the red curls, the big baby blues, the smile!

One of my favorite CO families! :)

Then I started out July with a trip home to the WI lake house for the 4th! LOVE

My little handsome man!  Maybe my favorite photo of him from his first year of life!

Ella turned 2 on July 17th!!!  She was NOT in the mood for photos, but give her someone’s (my) sunglasses and at least we got a bit of the real Ella :)

Miss Sydney joined the world and you will see more of this little cutie in Part 2 (for some of my absolute favorites of 2011!)

July 2011 was pretty amazing for my business as I attended the MJ 2 Day workshop in Boulder … I met amazing photographers, who are now friends!, and learned SO SO much!  Here are some fav’s form the mock-shoot!

Need this on a canvas!

Fellow photographer and attendee Jessica was pregnant and we gave her a little shoot! :)

Another fellow photographer and attendee and now good friend Katie Bradshaw … LOVE this picture of herrrrr!

Cute little Martin siblings… Cole and Kennedy!

Ashley and Bobby’s Maternity shoot… my first one ever… but I ended up looooving it because it’s such a special time for these two people!

Gorgeous Momma!


August was such a fun month for me photographically … I shot some of my favorite families and an awesome wedding!  Mr. Max during his family shoot!

The Wagners!!

Stunning location for a wedding I 2nd shot!

Love this first dance shot! :)

Miss Libby and her family were back for her 2-year-old shoot! with Bubbles!!!!

Miss Sutton was back and I love this one of her and her Daddy!

Hilary and Doug were married in Morrison and it was a stunning and amazing and happy wedding!!


:) Secret heart!

A favorite dancing photo! :)

Mark will be graduation high school this year … WHAT! and we did his senior pictures up in Breck!

And we met a fox!

And the Rocky Mountains didn’t fail to give us a stunning stormy sunset.  This is also at the top of the list to become a canvas!  Such a great way to end Part 1!!!!

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of the Best Photos of 2011!!! ::KD::

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Kirsten Leah - You rock, Katie. The ring shot, the girl with red hair, the fox…all of them are just amazing!

Ashley - Made a photo book for the rents of wedding pictures. I love them all and you did such a wonderful job. The ring picture is one of my favorites!!

Tam - Love them all! You are awesome. I want a canvas of the last one, too!

S e a r c h