Denver Kids Photographer :: Max and some balloons!!

Well, Max’s birthday was actually almost 2 weeks ago, but between a 103.8 fever, a round of pink eye, the three different rounds of snow, and a few days with single digit temps, it was just really hard to get around to taking Max’s birthday pictures!

When Ella turned 1 we had the adorable tutu and “1” onesie and her pictures were adorable and super special for her being 1 … but we weren’t about to put Max in a tutu so we had to come up with another festive birthday idea!  I decided that since he LOVES balloons that would be a great accessory for his shoot… then we just needed the right combo of healthy baby and good weather!  I settled for mostly healthy and sunny but snowy because otherwise it looked like we were never going to get these pictures done!

Annnnd I am so glad we waited and decided to do this instead of just skipping it altogether because I loooove these photos!! Happy birthday little buddy!!

What’s not to like about balloons and a baby in a winter hat and adorable sweater?!

He looooved the balloons!

And then he sat in the snow. hah

He wanted to just walk around and show everyone his balloons!

Happy baby!


Love these!!

Happy man with lots of teeeeeth!

I took his balloons. he was not happy.

But luckily I am pretty funny so it was all good!

Ohh and then I had some a bit older photos of the kids from the other day when they were being adorable together and playing so I took some shots…

Max and Ella love to pig pile on each other. hilarious.



Max whining… weird.

Little love

Such a goof

Just makin’ some phone calls.

Love him and his polar bear shirt.

hahahah this is seriously a 10 times a day occurrence.


Little man walking and Ella being goofy

Yup they are the cutest kids. ever. ::KD::

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Amanda Forbes - I am in love with this post! Nothing better than 2 little ones at home on mom and dads bed! LOVE LOVE!!

Tam - These photos are killing me–they are sooooo cute. Max with balloons is priceless, and I love the ones of them together. It looks like fun and reminds me of the good times Chris and I had when we were little. Love it!

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