Denver Family Photographer – Declan and Cormac

Normally when I take photos of a people for the 2nd or 3rd or 4th time I say something along the lines of “you may remember so and so from this other time we did photos” … and since I have done probably 3 or 4 shoots for these guys, I would ask you the same thing but it has been a whole year since their last photos and these boys have gotten SO much bigger and changed SO much that you probably don’t remember them at all! :)  I took these photos while home in Wisconsin over the holiday weekend because these guys are actually the adorable nephews of one of my best best friends Margaret, so I obviously love getting together with these guys for photos since I have know their Mom and Aunts and Uncle for almost 9 years now!  Plus they are sooo cute so that’s good!  We started the shoot with the boys in their “santa’s little helpers” PJ’s which is adoraaablleee…

2 1/2 year old Declan!

And sweet Mr. Cormac!

I can not get over how much Declan (left) looks SO much like his mom’s side of the family (namely his Aunt Kalee/Uncle Peter I decided)!!  And Cormac is sort of a good mix of his Mom and Dad!

He thinks his big brother is super funny


We tried so hard to get them to just SIT next to each other but they love hug/tackling each other better!

Trying to escape!

Maybe my favorite of Corm!

Haha cute boys!

He cracks me up.

Goooof ball.

Then it was time to go outside!  Yay for November in Wisconsin! :)


How fun is it to throw leaves on your defenseless little brother!?


Another fav!!  Turns out it is also super fun to Mom to throw leaves on her kids. :)

No joke Declan would throw leaves in the air and yell “I LOVE FALL!”   … hilarious

Big pile of leaves

So precious

Such a sweet kid for real.

Favorite of Declan I think!

Pretty jealous of the Gottsacker fam for having such adorable sons/nephews/grandsons.

Hahaha silly corm!

And one last shot of the little man!

Thanks for having me back again for photos boys!! Can’t wait to see you again soon! ::KD::

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LESLIE! - oh my god. corm is SOOOO chubby and cute and declan is adorable!!!!!! also the one where they’re snuggling…i die.

Pam - Oh, my goodness. Too much cuteness! These are the cutest little boys ever!

Carin - Wow – those guys are just ADORABLE! I love how they love to play together and what adorable outfits :)

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