Max is 1!!! HAPPY BITHDAY Little Buddy – and Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s my little buddy’s 1st birthday today!  I can’t believe how fast the time went and now instead of being this little 6 lb scrawny bundle of sleeping baby, he is a 24lb big man who think he is half-tornado and insists on getting into and destroying everything in his path!  He had a big party last weekend and all his “closest friends” came to celebrate at Monkey Bizness!  Here are some shots form the day:

He looooves to walk and this place has SO much space to run!  And cousin Meah loved the slides!

I FINALLY got Ella to come with me into this big climbing thing that ends in a big slide …. she has been scared of it forever and after going through it once she was obsessed!

Cousins sliding together!

Boy loves his Mommy

He loves walking, but sometimes crawling is a faster way to get places

Hunter came to play!!  Hunter gives all his AWESOME hand me downs to Max! :)

Hahaaaa … these two are ridiculous

Ella had her table of friends!  And she totally knows what my camera is and how to work it. hah

Max and Daddy

Declan and Brynna were both loving the party!

As was Jackson, who was sooo much bigger than the last time I saw him, it blew me away!

Pahaha. Trouble.

Someone knows how to use her pouty face  :)

Happy Hana! And Mr. Max again

He was obsessssed with this balloon

Max with Grandma and Papa!

Cake time!

Cake balls for everyone else

Hahaha this was our attempt at a photo of the three kids with Aunt Yay-Yay … there is actually a pretty good one but this was how the scene looked while we tried to get them all to look at me!

Max really had no interest in his cake during his party… too much going on to do. So I took him outside with his cake to see if he would smash it/enjoy it…

It was okay for a few minutes… then he was DONE after I smashed his hand in it.

And he tried to crawl away.

Wouldn’t even try to eat it.

Hahahah and JUST like his big sister he hated his hand-made (by me) smash cake and even though it was SO delicious, he didn’t want it.

Happy Birthday Max!!!

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