Denver Family Photographer :: Nicholas is 1!!

Little Nicholas just turned 1 a few weeks ago and it is a pretty big thing to celebrate since this guy had a bit of a tough start to life being born too early and having to spend way more time in a hospital than any little baby should ever have to!  So his parent’s decided he needed a whole photo shoot pretty much to himself to remember exactly how he was after 1 year of life!! Nicholas is such a sweet guy who loves people and cuddling and playing and he happens to be one of Max’s only and best “friends” (I say friends in quotes because really babies don’t have true friends since they mostly play alone and steal each others’ toys :)) so I had a blast shooting him!! Meet Nicholas!

He was a bit unsure about the whole thing at first

So close to walking!

Happy baby!

Clapping!  He is SO good at clapping

How cute are little babies in big chairs! :)


Two of my other favorites!!

So much personality

“What Katie???”

How cute is his crib/room!?

And a quick couple of family shots!

Happy Birthday Nicholas!! I can’t wait to see you again soon! ::KD::

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LESLIE! - THOSE EYES! so cute!!!!! good ones, love the black and white, but love the green too obvi!

Brooke - I love these photos. He is such a special kid. I feel really honored to have watched him grow up during this first year!

Rose Mackin - Love each and every one of the pictures. You captured his wonderful spirit. What a beautiful family!!!!

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