Tam’s Special Project – My Photographic Contribution! :)

So my last post about NYC alluded to a project Chris’s sister Tamara has been working on that required my photographic abilities … well her project is now up and running and I am pretty excited about it!!  She has launched a style/fashion blog called Hello, Framboise which is going to be SO awesome!!  Now that I have spent oodles of time with her, I can say without a doubt that she is truly very fashionable and will go very far with this project!! If you have any interest in fashion at all you should totally check out her website and then go like her facebook page too!  So over the last week or so I have taken some photos for her for upcoming posts and I wanted to post a peek at all the different outfits from some of the photos I liked from the shoots!

How amazing is this light???

I don’t know what it is about the photo on the right… but I looooove it!

Kinda love the yellow tights :)

Adorrrable!! and this is why this girl is a fashion genius … I would never think to put this all together, but it’s SO cute!

This one… when she put it on I was like uhhhh that does NOT work… and now it’s my favorite!! So cute right?

Hahahaha Max helped us for a bit…

So uber cute.

So if you like the peeks at her outfits here… you MUST go check out her blog! ::KD::

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