Colorado Engagement Photographer :: Steph and Zac

I love love! Really I do. So much. So naturally I LOVE taking photos of people in love!!  Engagement photos are some of my faaavorite kinds of photos to take!  And it’s even better when it’s people I know!  Steph is a college friend of one of my best friends, Margaret, so when Steph moved out here Margaret had us meet up for lunch and we have been friends since!  A few months ago her boyfriend Zac got down on one knee in the middle of the 16th Street Mall here in Denver and proposed and now I get to be their photographer!!! :)  YAY!  We had soo much fun during our photo shoot in Boulder, CO and I had soo many favorites I couldn’t narrow it down so you get to see a whole lot of Steph and Zac!

Such cuties!

love this.

Zac makes Steph laugh. a lot. it’s cute.

Seeeeee I just love love!

A fav!

That photo on the right?  Steph and Zac are laughing at me for shooting through the trees… but I love it!


I think they like each other… ;)

bling bling!

LOVE this one!

Oooo another favorite!

Off to good old Chautauqua Park!



That one on the right miiiiiiight be my number 1 favorite!

ahhh love.

Such a gorgeous setting.

annnnd some good looking people too!

Do you seeeee why I couldn’t narrow it down!?

I kinda really love this.



ooo I also love that one on the left maybe number 1…

One last shot!! A doozy!

YAY Steph and Zac!! Thanks for “hiking” with me for your photos and I can’t wait for your wedding next year!! ::KD::

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