MJ 2 Day Workshop – Part 2!

Part of Melissa Jill’s MJ 2 Day workshop was to watch her shoot a mock engagement session and do some shooting ourselves!  Being that I loooove to be out with my camera, with an adorable couple in front of me (or in this case, us… at 16 of us!), I had a total blast!  Plus, we had the craziest blue light from these big storm clouds covering the sun, which made for some really unique photos.  Overall, I would say those two days of workshopping with MJ were AMAZING. I learned a TON and I had so much fun, and if you are thinking about whether or not doing a workshop like this is a good idea… well I can say with 100% confidence that it is!!! Times a thousand!

Check out how excited Melissa is about taking us out on our shooting adventure :)

Melissa talking with our amazing couple Tina and Cody

How cuuuute are they?!

They were seriously such an amazing couple to work with!

Love these.

The quilt they brought was perrrfect!

MJ in action!

And again

Love this one!

Can you see the Mountains in the background?? This was just about the only type of cloud cover/weather that allows you to get them in photos from so far away!

Two of my FAVORITES!

So cute.

This hill was so great!

While I love my shot there on the right… you need to head over to Melissa’s blog and check out her angle on it! It is simply STUNNING!  A few other attendee’s  and I were saying when we saw it at the workshop that we wanted to hang it in out houses! :)


This seems so… little house on the prairie meets pride and prejudice … or something haha!


LOVE them.

Cuddles. :)

Last two… I just loved this session.

This is it for my recap of Mj 2 Day and the moral of the story is that I LOVED IT and it was soo worth every penny of my money and every second of my time!! ::KD::

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Ungria Stell - Hey Katie! Thanks for sharing all of these! I’m your new fan! Just know that I just went through your entire archive of work on this blog. I LLLOOOVVEEEE your work! I had sent you an e-mail a few days ago asking you a couple of questions. Just know that if you ever wonder whether you want to keep doing this, you have somebody’s dream job! I hope that encourages you! hahaha!

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