MJ 2 Day Workshop – Part 1!

Holy buckets. Wheeeeerrre or where (has my little dog gone! jussst kidding, that just my nanny side showing through ;)) do I even begin with this post!?  Earlier this week, on Monday and Tuesday, I spent the WHOLE day out in Erie, CO at the MJ 2 Day workshop, which is put on by the A.MAZ.ING. Melissa Jill, and I learned seriously SO MUCH stuff about photography and my business and life and food (haha no joke though) and just everything!

You may, or may not, know that I went to college for and got my degree in photojournalism.  I had my heart set on being a newspaper photographer for so long (since I was 13!) and after 2 years at a newspaper I just got so burned out. That’s when my dear friend and roommate at the time got engaged and talked me into (really baked her way into) having me take her engagement photos. And I kinda, sorta, pretty much fell in love with a whole different world of photography.  I discovered wedding and portrait photography didn’t have to be stuffy and blah, it could be in my own style, bringing in my love of photojournalism and I could actually LOVE it. :)

That was over 3 years ago, and it was WAYYY back then that Melissa Jill Photography became one of the first 2 photography blogs that I followed, and ever since I have been smitten with every. single. thing. about her work/business. From her photography, which is stunnnnnning, and her life stories, which are so personal and it’s like I knew her before I met her, to her willingness to be open and share her photo tips.

When she announced she was coming to Colorado to do one of her 2 day workshops, I DIED and then I scrambled to get all my ducks in a row so I could afford the money and time to make it.  There was no way I was missing this, and I AM SO GLAD I DIDN’T!  I have a million things I am setting out to do to grow this whole KD Photography thing into something I am so proud of and something that will last a long time.  And when I am looking back at this post in 5 or 10 years, I am going to know that the MJ 2 Day was one major step for me!  Plus it was all girls and it was kind of like a big sleep over mixed with amazing learning! haha. Moral of the story… I LOVED IT!

Okay ANNNNNYWAY I am going to do 2 blog posts on it because I would have had a crazy huge post otherwise. This one is just all of the random tid-bits and such and then tomorrow will be a post of the mock engagement shoots we did!  Starting with this AMAZING house we stayed at (that is my DREAM yellow and white house with a wrap around porch):

Adorable porch with rocking chairs. Love.

And THIS was the view. GAH!

I don’t really do this kind of thing with my photos… but this just so called to be cropped like a panorama!

And there were horses! :)

On the second day of the workshop we headed out when the sun was highest in the sky to practice shooting in harsh lighting… this was our little wedding ceremony haha :)

Then the crazy afternoon storms we have been having rolled in…

So we used the even light to shoot head shots of each other all over the property! This is Tracy (a local CO photog) of TWB photography!

And Brittani of Brittani Bowling Photography … she shoots out in Maryland, but soon to be in South Carolina, so hit her up if you are out that way!! :)

Look at that sweet, innocent face…

Turns out she is the crazy one who agrees to jump over rivers (k, more like tiny streams) and grabs potentially electrical fences to check for current before I climb through them! Turns out it was electrified (yup she totally got shocked) and therefore my dreams of shooting with this old rusty jeep were dashed, but it was fun anyway! :)

Gorgeous Jessica, of Lucia Belle Photography, traveled all the way to CO from Virginia and was soo much fun to shoot because of her BELLY! Love that she was making the effort to come to the workshop while being 6 months preggo! :)

Loooved her colorful dress with the white porch!

Seriously, gorgeous!

Faaaaaaaavorite!!  Everyone at MJ 2 Day voted I do this one on color, I wanted b/w… but they won out!

So I did this one in b/w haha … LOVE her expression!

I think Jessica got the best deal of all of us because she pretty much got a free maternity shoot done by like 10 different photogs! :)

And then there was my long lost life-twin Katie, of KB Digital Designs. We were the 2 Katies so that was the start, but seriously we are so similar! This girl is me, but 3 years ago. You are going great places friend … and FAST! Plus she is hilarious so that’s fun!

AND she’s gorgeous! Annnnd she has perfect teeth. Look at them!

LOVE this one!

Katie is engaged and I love that this shot is her awesome ring and you can see her tattoo, which says “Love never fails”


And last but not least, is Claire! Claire is currently shooting for another photog so she does not have her own links, but she will soon I have no doubt!  This lady is technically from CO but has lived in Oklahoma/Texas for about 10 years, so she had the best southern accent and is a total souther girl!

Gorgeous. YAY!

Phewwww that was A LOT of stuff! You should check out all of these lovely ladies websites because they rock… ESPECIALLY Melissa Jill because she is simply amazing. And you will be hooked! ::KD::

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Becca - Awesome post KD! Love all your pictures from the workshop, especially those headshots – you rocked it! So great meeting you in CO and I’ll be checking in here to keep up on your work.

Katie Derus - Aww thanks Becca! If I am ever out in Maine I will be hitting you up!! :)

Jessica - Gorgeous shots Katie! Love the details and of course those maternity photos ;) Great meeting you!

Brittani - FINALLY got time to read this anddddd I’m kind of freaking out about how big my man legs picture is here…so you might want to go back and edit that it was ALMOST all girls, and one very manly girl. Haha but seriously your pictures are gorgeous and I die every time I see those ones of Katie because they’re so fun/edgy/very her and basically you’re the bomb…end of story.

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