What I Did Last Friday…

Last Friday I decided to be brave. It probably wasn’t brave in the way that most people would think, or describe, but for me, it was Brave with a capital B.  Not only did I allow myself to be in front of the camera, which is something I hate (I am the photograPHER, not the photograPHED, for a reason people!), but I let my boyfriend, Chris, and his sister, Tamara, be behind the camera (my cameras no less! I don’t let those babies be used by just anyone!) as my photographers!  If you know these two you know they are QUITE a pair and having them be in control of this shoot was pretty frightening and hilarious!

That being said however, I think they actually did a pretty darn good job!  Especially since they are both only beginner photographers who are in that crazy learning phase where it’s so overwhelming to be shooting like this. AND I made them shoot manual, which is even harder! :)

I took these two photos while teaching each of them how to use back button focus so they could use the focus points in the camera! This was what I was looking at the whole shoot… Tam:

And Christopher!

Here are some shots that Chris took…

And a couple that Tamara took:

Tam was very excited about shooting me with the Vespa … haha

Outfit change … and some more shots from Chris:

and Tam’s angle on the bridge … ps: see my shoes? I LOVE THEM!

Maybe my favorite shot of Tam’s:

A couple more from Chris:

One of my favorites from him…

Crazy hair… but good shot Chris!

And then I had Tam take a couple detail shots of two of my favorite things… my Camera necklace!

And my perrrtttyyyy shoes!

Then she got all camera happy and took some of Boyfriend and I… :)

And I wanted one with Tam … we were excited for the PARP! (if you don’t get the parp joke you need to go here and read this hilarious blog post and all of the other ones on this blog because they are so so super funny!)

Love the one on the left… and can you tell those two are siblings??

Thanks for being my awesome photographers guys!! :)

Thennnn I had to steal my cameras back and snap this shot of Denver since I have pretty much fallen in love with the city. :)

Enjoy this post of me because I probably won’t be making another appearance for a while haha! ::KD::

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Ashley - Great photos!! I have such a beautiful photographer. Don’t be stealing my thunder at the wedding. hehe ;)

Amanda Forbes - Awww you are such a doll! Love them!

Valerie - ummm hello beauty queen. i like it kath!

S e a r c h