Denver Family Photographer :: David, Andrew and Mady!

Just a short few weeks ago I took photos of two adorable brother’s David and Andrew and this past weekend their cousin Mady was in town visiting and I got to go back and play some more to get some cousins photos! David, who is the oldest and just turned 2, was a bit miffed by my return… I could just hear the thoughts of “why is this girl back AGAIN?” running through his head! Lucky for him he only had to cooperate for a couple group shots and then he was free while we did some shots of Mady and her family!  So two of these three kiddos are return stars and there is one new little model for you to check out!! The cousins:

Ever tried to get a recently crawling/moving baby to sit still?? It’s no easy task! And as you can see here David was clearly far too mature for such shenanigans! :)

Easiest way to coral 3 babies?? A cage… I mean crib!! ;)

As I mentioned before, David and Andrew already had their fill of being models for me so Mady had her turn:

On. the. go!


Outfit change!

Cute little family! :)

Still trying to keep that little mover still for a couple seconds…

Mady and Daddy!

Hugs from Mommy!

My favorite… so cute!

The boys didn’t get off totally free… I got a couple of each! Andrew:

and David… Best smile!

Thanks for having me out to play again guys!! I had a blast! Enjoy your photos! ::KD::

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