Park Shoot in Breckenridge!

We went up to the mountains Saturday to head out to the park at Breckenridge at 7 am before the lifts even opened for a photo shoot. And when it’s 30 degrees at 7 am in the mountains, you know it’s going to be a good day!!  This kind of photography isn’t really what I do these days but it is still SO fun for me!

Chris’s brother Mark is a pretty ridiculous skier. And he has lots of really good skier friends. So there are lots of shots of him and them.

Love this one…

I don’t know who this is but rarely was someone getting ready to do the half-pipe by themselves which was what I wanted for this shot, so when she was up there I just shot it anyway!

Mark being crazy.

Cody on the half-pipe with the base of Peak 8 in the background!


Accidental … but I LIKE IT!

Amelia … the only skier on this rail who skied facing toward me, so she got the best shot!

Cody being ridiculous.


Cody doing it.

Another favorite.

This was just something fun for me to do… check back tomorrow for more of the families/babies/weddings you are used to! :) ::KD::

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